Yoda Art From Star Wars
With Star Wars: The Force Awakens only around the corner, what better way is their for us to get ready for this humongous event than by buying a shed load of Star Wars stuff. Well, it only stands to reason, doesn't it? With us being Star Wars fans, we desperately need stuff to do stuff. And remember, like the good man Yoda once said, (well, I think he's a man) 'Don't feel... do. Da-doo ron-ron-ron, da-doo ron-ron'. Or then again, am I just getting him confused with those creative guys and gals over at...

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Star Wars R2-D2 Inflatable R/C

Alright. You got me. My zany intro was nothing more than to trick you to check out these amazing Star Wars related products from Think Geek. Now the first one on my list is this Inflatable R2D2 Remote Controlled Unit, preferably for the ages of 5 and over. Well, despite containing small parts not suitable for small children (damn you small parts), this radio controlled droid is over 65cm tall, has a range of up to 8 meters, and includes a foot pump, a detachable drive unit compatible with other Star Wars characters, and the ability to spin 360 degrees, drive forward, back, left, right, and self correct itself even when knocked over. Wow! What a droid!!!!

Star Wars Plush with Sound

Wouldn't you love to snuggle up against a delectable looking Darth Vader or a bodacious Boba Fett? Or for that matter, how about rubbing yourself up against a R2D2 or gyrating with a Jawa? Well, now you can, as these plush and snugly Star Wars characters, made of polyester fibers infused with pure galactic awesomeness, comes with a signature sound effect that'll beep, bop, and blast their way from here to eternity. Regrettably, they are also not suitable for children under 3. Again, small parts be damned.

Radio Controlled Millennium Falcon

One of the first ever Star Wars toys I got as a kid was a full sized Millennium Falcon. My God, I can remember that moment as if it was yesterday. Wait a minute, it was yesterday? To me, anyway! Because as soon as I opened the box, the shock of me seeing such a super spaceship slapped my mind into hyper-drive, head on, and since then I've been in a coma, luckily missing out on those semi-dreadful Star Wars prequels.

Death Star Trench Toss

The Star Wars Trench Toss is basically a reinterpreted version of the old backyard game of cornhole. Now I'm sure you know the game I'm referring to, as its the one where you throw the thing at that thing, with the hope of winning that thing to do with the thing. Anyway, that's the game you've got here, complete with Two Death Star themed cornhole boards, four X-wing styled beanbags, and four TIE Fighter styled beanbags. But please remember some assembly is required for this game, and that it weighs 42 lbs, sized in the dimensions of 24" by 48".

Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Now who better to wake you up early in the morning than the big, bad, taskmaster himself, Darth Vader? I mean, I can easily hear him now, saying something like, 'Luke. Wake up, Luke. For I am your father, and your father want's his snotty nosed little son to get up off of his lazy ass and do some bleeding work for a change. So go on, bleed'.

Lightsaber Handle Flashlights

Did you know that at one point in time each of the characters from Star Wars were somehow connected to music? Leia once fronted a punk rock band called the Doughnut-Heads. Luke once played base for a special feature no one liked. And Darth Vader once gave Hand Solo a lightsaber dance and a hand solo.

Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass

Even though he appeared in a handful of scenes during the original trilogy, Admiral Ackbar, also known as that fished-faced alien who famously said, 'Oh no! It's a trap', near the end of Return of the Jedi, has now been immortalized, reinterpreted, and framed as a fish, ready for you to stick on your wall and gawp at for the shear fun of it. I mean, it can't be a trap for you, can it?

Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pops And Other Stuff

Now there are so many Star Wars related products sold by Think Geek, I'm honestly finding it difficult to list all my favorite one's here. So instead of me yammering on about Lightsaber Ice Pops and Yoda-know's-what-else, why don't you pop on over to their online Star Wars store to see what's going on? Go on. Bing-Bing. And may the force be with you.

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