An Idiots Guide On Which Superhero To Date
Have you ever wondered who'd be the best superhero to go out on a date with? No? You haven't? Fair enough. Neither have we. Still. That doesn't stop us from having a stab at trying to figure out which hero would be best suited to our need's. So without any further a do, here goes... errr... something.

Batman -- So if your a sucker for the dark and brooding type, please remember, that even though he maybe stinking rich and pretty damn handsome, I bet you anything he's f*cking cr*p at telling jokes.

Superman -- Sure. So he's the most powerful and most popular superhero in the whole wide world. So what? I bet you anything he's boring in the sack, and he'd most probably make the world move for you by accident.

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Wonder Woman -- Just like Kal'l, on the surface Diana appears like the type of person who seems to have it all. She's got the looks. She's got the cleavage. And she's also got that whole patriotic costume thing going on. But underneath it all, my friends, she sure is one hell of a stubborn cow. And will always win an argument with her trusted lasso. Witch!

Green Arrow -- Did you know that this hooded cretin has been married, divorced, and even cheated on his better half with a trained assassin? OK. So he might possess a cute ass and designer stubble. But I tell you something for nothing, I'm nigh on positive he uses his arrows for more than just shafting crooks!

Flash -- Now you have to understand that Barry's special power is that he's very-very fast at running and doing stuff. Yet as we all well know, being fast at things can something make other things come out somewhat prematurely. If you get my drift. Hint-Hint!

Green Lantern -- Just forget about this one, folks. Despite Hal being a fairly nice looking character with the power of creation on his finger, at the end of the day this womanizing git is to fidelity as monkeys are to Chinese algebra.

Harley Quinn -- Do I even need to write anything here? She's crazy and she's cute. So get over it already.

So there you have it, my friends. Who you should date if you're dying to jump on a leather-clad-clod! I hope it helped. If not, boo-hoo, what a shame. You're just going to have to date 'a normal' now, aren't you?