Best Webcomics Now what do you normally do when you get up in the morning? Drink a cup a coffee? Click on your fancy new Smart-Phone? Or how about sleep with your next-door neighbors fairly seductive wife? Me? No. I do none of these things. More's the pity. I just pop open my computer and have a browse through Best Webcomics, developed by...

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1) What are your own origins?   I come from Antwerp, Belgium, the city that's known for its fashion, chocolate, harbors, leather craftsmanship, art, and most of all, it's the city that, within 5 years, will be known all over the world because of Best Webcomics.

2) What inspired you to create, ‘Best Webcomics’?   Necessity! We want to be what HBO is for creators of TV-series. What Old Trafford is for football players. What a cinema is for moviemakers. And what Mc Donald's is not for healthy food. We want to be the platform that gives all comic artists the attention and the credits they deserve, and at the same time be the best place for the audience to enjoy themselves.

3) In your own words how would you describe your site?   Consider the website as a barn where we take care of our sheep. Or in this case, the webcomic artists. Not that we're saying that our webcomic artists are animals, of course. Not at all. At least we don't think so. Recently we did see a video about a monkey that could paint. But that said, said-monkey is not a sheep. And a comic is not a painting.

On the other hand, maybe monkeys have specialized themselves into being painters, and in the meanwhile sheep are becoming webcomic artists. Couldn't blame them for trying. I would also try to do some new stuff if my only activity in life was, eat, sleep, poop, get shaven, and sleep again.

You know what? Just forget the sheep metaphor! It's confusing me and probably a lot of the readers as well. Whether they are human, monkey, or sheep.

The main idea was: We like comics and cartoons and we think that many people do. So let's make a site where you can watch as many comics, cartoons, and other related content. Good for both the artists and the readers. No strings attached. We don't want artists to pay in exchange for visibility on our site or whatever.

For us, there's not a better way of starting the day than reading all the new stuff that's launched. If you consider it like that, we should be paying them. No. Let me take that back. Or we're bankrupt within a month.

Best Webcomics
The thing we do in return for all the great cartoons we receive, is try to give them as much visibility as possible. We promote them on our site, Facebook, and Twitter. Not just once, but multiple times over the months and years. Hoping that they can reach the biggest audience possible.

And before we forget, we don't want people to “downvote” on our site. It's not because you don't like a cartoon, you should inform the guy that worked hard to create it by telling him. It's just a matter of taste, right? Just click on to the next one, and you will probably like that one better.

4) What song would you say best represents your site and why?   “(just a) Perfect Day” from Lou Reed. Imagine each day, doing what you love the most in the environment you like the most. That's what we want for us and all the webcomic artists around.

Rik Mayall
5) If you could get a celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your wares, who would you choose, and why would you want to choose this particular person?   Rik Mayall. If you've never heard of him, I envy you, because:

'If you see brilliance for the first time, you know it will never be as good as it was then. You still have your first time ahead of you. Cherish it!'

Let me prove it by a little Chess quote he made:

“And they let children play this game, you say? I mean, it's pretty strong stuff, isn't it Eddie? You know, knights taking prawns? And apparently, if a prawn goes all the way he turns into a queen!”

WARNING: Once you decide to check him out, just know that your life will never be the same again.

May he rest in peace...

6) What have you learnt about yourself through this endeavor?   Since we started working on Best Webcomics, we understand why Slash can play the guitar for 17 hours in a row. We invest a lot of time in it, but that's ok if you like doing it. Like the Coyote and Roadrunner: He won't admit it, but he just loves chasing the feathered b*stard, and that's why it's all he does.

7) During your time in this field, what is the one thing that has kept you in good stead?   Truckloads of beer, weed, LSDuurrrrr... errr... I mean, all the good cartoons and comics we received plus the good reactions from our visitors and readers. And of course, the fact that we love doing what we do.

Damn, that's more than one.

8) If ‘BWC’ had a motto, what would it be?   There's no good or bad, right or wrong, dark or bright... but there is a great f*cking site for Webcomics.

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Now do we need to say any more than that? No. Course we don't. So when you can, please, by all means, pop on over to Best Webcomics, without forgetting to follow them on their facebook and twitter pages. 

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