Jenna Say What Ah, New Years. The bane of my existence. Not because I don't like New Years, oh no, I just love it! But rather it's the need to make resolutions on a certain date that, lets face it, tend to fade away by the beginning of February. Since I was 10 I said I'd stop biting my nails. Ha! I'm still doing it. But there are ways to help you keep those goals! So here's my list to help you stay on track in the new year!

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The Buddy System

If you have a friend that is aiming to make the same goals you are making, then why not make those goals together? That way you can keep each other on track and do the project as if you were one! As my friend Holly Berrie Cosplay says, "DO THE THING!".

ArniePics Or It Didn't Happen

If you're doing the whole weight loss thing then yes, the buddy system works, but make sure you take progress pictures and measurements. We don't see transformations on ourselves like outsiders do. If those pants are getting loose but you're at the same weight you can get discouraged. Realistically, you lost weight but added muscle. This is where measurements come in handy!

Action! Make A Plan For The Goal

Don't just say eat better, work out, or make more cosplays. What are you going to eat? How are you going to work out? What cosplays are you going to make? Don't overwhelm yourself by having tons of resolutions. Make sure you do research on what you want to do and plan things accordingly!

Inspiration Is The Key

Find things that inspire you to succeed at your goals, and print and post pictures so you can visualize them. My goal is to learn new things that help with cosplay, and I will be printing out 360 views of my future cosplays and putting them up on a cork board. Pin it! Go on Pinterest and find those inspirations. Don't just pin them, study them, read them, go back and look at them!

Mother Teresa Quote

You just made a huge goal, but it seems so far away! Make checkpoints. You need to loose weight so set small checkpoints along the way! Otherwise you can get discouraged and give up by February! Same goes for any other goal. Make smaller checkpoints!


This is truly my downfall. I am the worst at budgeting! But if this is your goal this year I can help you learn from my mistakes. Pay attention to what you're paying. There are times where I'm throwing something in the basket that I have NO CLUE what the price tag is! Think about what you're purchasing. Do you really need it? Do you already have it? I have three bottles of Worcester sauce in the fridge right now. Why? Because I forgot I have them! Even the smallest priced items can rack up a bill. If you want something don't buy it right away, skip it today. If you still want it in a few days time then go for it. If it isn't there then maybe something better and cheaper will roll around. I've missed lots of things due to this, but you know what? I can't tell you what those items were!

Time If Not On Our Side

Time management is another downfall of mine. No matter the goal, time always seems to just not be on our side. You have a goal and you can't do it at work. You work a 9 to 5 job and when you get off you're exhausted! You just want to lie on the couch and watch your favorite show! So why don't you watch your show while doing what you need to do? I want to get back in the habit of making a mini game while I watch something. If you're binge watching Doctor Who do some sit ups when he uses the sonic screwdriver! Or if he's fighting a villain, pause it an sew up the cosplay you were pinning. Use that time wisely. Honestly, games make things fun.

It's A Wonderful Life
Journal Like You're A Teenager

Seriously. Journal. Write down your progress and it will give you some confidence and allow you to keep track of all you've done. You may not think you had a big journey, but going back and reading it makes you feel that "wow I did all of that" feeling! 

Last, But Not Least

Over the last 5 years I've always had to break up a drunken scuffle at a club or bar I was at, regularly saying, "Hey, guys! You shouldn't be fighting during New Years! Because you don't want to go into the New Year angry and bitter, then your whole year will be based off the anger and bitterness!". It always stopped the fight and they would say, "Wow! You're right". Now I'm not sure if this worked because they were heavily intoxicated or if I was onto something. But the more I have been saying it, and the more positive people I have surrounded myself with, the more I believe I must have been onto something. So make sure in the New Year you surround yourself with positivity. Goals seem harder and life seems tougher when you have negative influences. It's hard but separate yourself from it. It makes a HUGE difference when it comes to trying to obtain goals! 

Have a Happy and Safe New Year! And remember, be positive, be kind, and if you feel like the world is against you, know that you are not alone and that you can get through any hard times! Keep going forth, find that inner strength, and accept help when needed!

This article was brought to you care of the one, the only, cosplaying queen herself, Jenna Say What!?!? Please stay tuned for what she has in store for us next month, right here, on Jenna Say Blog.

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