Did you know that Matt Murdock was based on three popular figures heralding from times past? One of them was Ray Charles: the famous artist, the other was Johnnie Cochran: the famous wordsmith, and the third was Johnny Cash: the famous man in black. Then again, I may have gotten them mixed up with Charles Soule, Ron Garney, plus the publisher, Marvel Comics, in February 2016.

TO QUOTE A Quote I Only Like The First Part Of: 'The Enemy Of My Enemy Is...'.

At the end of last issue we got to see Daredevil and Blindspot penetrate Tenfingers inner most sanctum, and in so doing, they both managed to land themselves smack-bang in a middle of a confrontation between this vile villain and the sneaky ninja squad he stole from: The Hand.

So what I'd like to know next is what do you think Daredevil and Blindspot are going to do about it? Allow both sides to kick crap out of each other? Favor one side so they can ally themselves with the best of a bad bunch? Or how about, become an equal opportunities crime fighter and slap everybody's faces accordingly?

Yep. You got it in one, DD doods. Equal opportunities here we come. Or in the case of this episode, a number of boldly vivid red, white, and black inked pages where Dare and Blind kick, punch, and talk themselves into and then out of trouble. Good job, guys. Keep up the devilish work.

But what's even more interesting about this issue (apart from the majority of it being a big, long, fight scene) is that we also got to see how Matt's mind works, as well as how well he can work with his new partner.

Well, let's face it. We've all seen people fighting in comic books before. There's nothing new about that. Although I must say that I was fairly impressed with how Charles Soule is starting to delve into Matt's personality (not the same as the old one it seems), especially when it's being complemented by Ron Garney's 80s inspired video game styled visuals (I wonder what his top score is in Street Fighter?).

Now once the fight is over and done with (no spoilers here, folks), the plot shifts gear and we're initially presented with a scene where Matt tells Blindspot to tend to his wounds (Night Nurse, anyone?), before Matt himself goes off to his law offices, and gets told off by his boss, Mister Hochberg, for how badly his case ended last issue. 

Trust me. Matt gets a right talking to in this scene, and in someway Hochberg's attitude towards him is as harsh as the fight Matt had previously. Results? Ouch! Not saying. Yet what I can say is that this issues cliff-hanger is one hell of a doozy.

So on the whole this issue of Daredevil wasn't a bad book to read. On the one hand I'm getting used to Chris's style of storytelling and Ron's style of artwork. Whilst on the other hand the overall narrative and plot was taken over by too much fighting and not enough revealing, hint-hint!

On a conceptual level this issue is about Matt finding himself stuck in the middle of a fight between two rival opponents. Or in other words, 'Stuck in the Middle with Blindspot', minus 'Blindspot', added with 'You' and the band, Stealers Wheel.

Musical match-up rocks!!!!

In any sport where theirs more than one opponent you'll always need someone to act as a go-between or a moderator. And from my point of view, that is exactly how Daredevil acted throughout the majority of this issue: jumping around all over the place, behaving as some sort of pseudo referee between two opposing party's.  

Comparison made. Say no more. 

At the end of this adventure Matt goes to his office and finds someone he wasn't expecting there. So, for the sake of monkey, can you guess who this someone is and what they say? Could it be...

  • Kim Kardashian: I'm going to name my next child vagina, even if it's a boy. 
  • The Flash: Quickly, get me out of this comic book before my costume changes color.
  • Bwana Beast: Hands up if you think Tenfingers is a silly name.
  • Tenfingers: You seem to think I'm some sort of villain.
  • Captain America: Iron Man has stolen my shield, and he's using it as a salad bowl.
  • Donald Trump: Excuse me, but can you bring my wig back to life?
  • Stevie Wonder: Can you sing, Matt?
  • Charlie Chaplin: Didn't I die in the seventies?

Nuff said.

DAREDEVIL #3 DAREDEVIL #3 Reviewed by David Andrews on February 15, 2016 Rating: 5

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