Deadpool Do you think it's just a coincidence that Deadpool was named after a film featuring Clint Eastwood: the action star; plus Jim Carrey: the funny-faced-goon? Or for that matter, that Deadpool shares the same last name as a certain Deathstroke the Terminator's, AKA Slade Wilson? If you do, then what is wrong with you, man? Are you a fool? A fool for the pool that's cool and drool. Because don't you know, hands down, that Deadpool is all of these things, as well as being as crazy and as lethal as a packet of unopened hand-grenades in a serial-killer factory.

But wait up. Before I get carried away with myself, let me just say that on the 10th of February, 2016, the UK is going to get another dose of Deadpool movie madness, with the first dose coming from the 2009 movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Based upon one of Marvel's most unconventional anti-heroes, Deadpool the movie tells the tale of Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces armed operative that contracts cancer and gets turned into a super-powered gun-for-hire.

DeadpoolGranted, this doesn't happen to him as easy as that. First he kills one of his teammates while they're on some sort of top secret mission. Then he get's kicked out of the Weapon X program for killing his aforementioned teammate, a program that transforms human beings into human doings. And on top of that, film happens! An awful lot of film where Wade adopts the guise of Deadpool, and basically manages to jump into action with his own brand of twisted justice.

Now starring in this film are a great cast of actors that include the likes of...

Ryan Reynolds playing Wade Wilson / Deadpool: Yes. That's him. That man who once played Green Lantern is now playing Deadpool. It could have been worse though. It could have been that other feller that dig's playing superheroes. What's his name? Sven Asslick? You know the one. In 2003 he played Daredevil, in 2009 he played an actor who once played Superman on TV, and now, in 2016, he's playing Batman in that new Superman movie, many years before attempting to un-lesbian a lesbian lady.

Morena Baccarin playing Vanessa: Essentially she is Deadpool's very nice girlfriend who he bangs without the use of his gun.

Ed Skrein playing Francis / Ajax:  No. Ed isn't playing the web development technique, the Dutch football team, or even the brand of liquid cleaner. Instead, this weasel-faced idiot is playing the top member of the Weapon X program, a program that caused Wade to go a bit loopy in the head. Oooogaa-Ooogaa!

T. J. Miller playing Weasel: Unlike Ajax, Weasle is Wade's right hand man (careful), whom he carts around with him on his numerous missions.

Gina Carano playing Angel Dust: To me, Angel is an Angel. An Angel that has a rather large pair of... coff-coff... hands... as well as a rather nice... honk-honk... disposition.

Brianna Hildebrand playing Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Negasonic is also an angel, one that pisses me of slightly because she can... slap... read my mind.

Stefan Kapičić playing Colossus: If you watched the X-Men movies, The Last Stand or Days of Future Past, you might remember him as being that big walking mirror guy who has a very reflective personality.

Leslie Uggams playing Blind Al:  Basically she's like Ray Charles without the natural rhythm.

Stan Lee playing someone in the background who does something to do with something: Well, Stan's bound to turn up, isn't he? And if not him, then maybe Deadpool co-creator, Rob Liefeld.

Now for more information on the Deadpool movie please check out their official website and twitter pages. But before you do that, film fans, please get a load of this infographic, presented to us by those lovely loons over at PureCostumes.Com.

Everything You Need To Know About Deadpool

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