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Lighten Up Batman: Weekend at Batmans I demanded a lot of myself when I first decided to make Lighten Up Batman, as it was a huge undertaking I couldn’t have done on my own. To make a superhero series you need a superhero team and that’s exactly what I had. Having to rely on people for help with something like this can get difficult, simply because you’re asking friends to show up on time, and work long hours for no pay. Personally, I’m grateful for everyone that helped me to get these episodes made.

Batman Family As you'd expect, I surrounded myself with creative, talented, hard working, driven, and successful people, plus I made it a point to get rid of negativity and not waste my time with people who didn’t want to make themselves better, or work hard towards something positive. Those values are important to me and they’ve helped me to succeed where I could have otherwise failed. If my team didn’t share those values we would not have been able to accomplish our goals. Each of my friends who helped on this project brought something special and unique to the table. Their varied skill sets, keen insights, and creative ideas have helped shape the course of the series. If you want to achieve greatness, start building your team.

“It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows… but it was worth it”...

Time and time again throughout the making of Lighten Up Batman I would find myself and my team adding that quote to the end of things we said. A lot of long nights and hard work went into each episode, but no matter what we had to do to get there, in the end it was worth it. So with that in mind, fellow Bat-Fans, my team and I would now like to proudly present Lighten Up Batman: Weekend at Batmans!

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*** This article was brought to you by the top dog of 'Lighten of Batman', Vince Arrigo.  

LIGHTEN UP BATMAN - EPISODE 3: WEEKEND AT BATMAN'S! LIGHTEN UP BATMAN - EPISODE 3: WEEKEND AT BATMAN'S! Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on February 09, 2016 Rating: 5

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