LA Cosplay Con 2016 From 11am to 11pm on Saturday, the 11th of June, 2016, the Crest Group will be hosting the third annual LA Cosplay Con, located at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California. As some of us already know, the LA Cosplay Con is a one-day event so cosplayers and gamers alike can come together and celebrate the art and culture of cosplay. Once again attendees will be delighted by the exhibits, contests, panels, and direct interaction with high-profiled cosplayers, special guests, and of course, other cosplay enthusiasts.

While LA Cosplay Con ran smoothly and flawlessly last year, I found the real gems of the convention were the attendees and who they were dressed up as”, said Fangirl Nation’s Kimmie Haueter,  referring to LA Cosplay Con 2015. “I was very proud to see how happy our guests and attendees were to participate in our con. The support that we receive, and continue to receive, is amazing, and I couldn’t be happier”, said Heather Ellertson, producer of LA Cosplay Con.

When asked about the change of venue, Heather said, “We have outgrown our space at the Century City Plaza Hotel. They were fantastic to work with and it is where we launched our event in 2014, but it was time to find a space big enough to accommodate our vendors and guests. Long Beach Convention Center was a good fit for our con”. Freakx of Share My Cosplay substantiated this point by stating, “the con is only one day, but they certainly do pack a whole lot in”.

Also, another thing that needs mentioning, is that Leslie Kay will lead the first ever DisneyBound panel at LA Cosplay Con, along with internet sensation: Leo Camacho; Instagram fan favorite: Sarah Sterling; CEO of Bangarang Cosplay: David Rubilar; and the DisneyBounding YouTuber, Lizzy Jones.

On taking part in the LA Cosplay Con for the first time, Leslie states, "I am so excited to have DisneyBound be apart of this year's LA Cosplay Con! Individually, each one of the panelists not only brings so much to the DisneyBound community, but to the cosplay community as well. Together, they are a Megazord of fashionable and nerdy awesomeness! We have lots of fun activities and giveaways planned for this panel. The countdown is on! I can't wait!".

Tickets are already available via Eventbrite, and for any more information, such as highlights from the previous shows, please visit the LA Cosplay Con official site.


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