Batman ValentineIt's Valentines day, folks, and like most of us, love, as well as the concept of love, is an emotion we all must cherish come what may. I remember last year when I was on holiday, how I fell in love with this amazing looking woman on the beach. Problem was, my girlfriend just didn't like the look of her. Not sure why though? Maybe it was the way that this amazing looking lady kept on stroking her beard?

Anyway, getting back to Valentines day, and recently I've been approached by my mates over at Treetopia about their new video. Basically this video is a montage sequence comprising of quick snippets showing movies where people fall in love. In one snippet we see Johnny Cash flirt with June Carter on stage. Whilst in another we see those two sulky sods from Twilight talk about... uhh... whatever. On top of that, there's also that man who plays Deadpool giving that lady with the nice thighs that come hither look. Plus more, and more, and more, and more, love-love-love. Here, check it out...

Emperor Claudius the Second
As a matter a fact, did you know that Valentine’s Day was actually started by the Roman Empire? Back in the day, Emperor Claudius the Second stopped young Roman soldiers from getting married because he thought fidelity made them stronger.

Yet, in retaliation to his decree, Bishop Valentine took it upon himself to perform secret weddings without his permission. Ops! Bad idea. Because when old big nose found out, he sent Valentine to jail so he could have him executed on the 14th of February. Then, to make things even more ironic, while in jail he wrote a love note to the jailers’ daughter, signing at the end of it... “From your Valentines”.

Ahhh! Poor git. Unlike my mate, Michele Smarty. As she was the nice lady who told me about this Valentines day fact in the first place. Anyway, to one and all please have a great day with your loved ones, plus don't forget to leave feedback on Treetopia's video.

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