Batman 1943 Batman has been flapping his cape all over the screen for the past seventy plus years. Back in 1943 he made his first appearance in a 15 episode live action serial. Then in 1949 he managed to make it onto the big screen for a second time with Robin the boy wonder in toe. 17 years later a feature film and a TV show followed, starring Adam West as the Caped Crusader and Cesar Romero as the Joker.

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But then, as we all know, after a 23 year gap, a man named Tim Burton -- yes, that man -- decided to depict a more modern-day version of Batman for the movie going public. So modern in fact, that despite the subsequent films in the franchise being as naff as a rubberized Bat-nipple, 7 years later, another man named Chris Nolan -- yes, him -- was more than happy to take over his reign, somehow managing to create an acclaimed film trilogy, fresh, from scratch.

Batman Burton Vs Nolan
Funnily enough, this year, 2016, Batman returns once again to the silver screen, as he'll be appearing in the second of two Superman movies, and hopefully in an upcoming Justice League film.

Well, let's face it, old big ears has made a huge impact on popular culture since Bob Kane first created him in 1939, and was once even deemed, "the perfect cultural artefact for the 21st century". Aside from the movies, the comic books, and the graphic novels, Batman has also been featured in animated cartoons, a few TV shows, and of course, a shed load of video games, among them, two amazing slot machine games based on Chris Nolan's take on the Dark Knight.

For those of you not in the know, these games are called The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, and have been adapted from the second and third part of Nolan's trilogy. The second game, The Dark Knight Rises, is available for free play at the Royal Vegas Casino. While the first one -- featuring a progressive jackpot -- is only available to real money making players. But it's worth it, my friends. On it's own merit the Royal Vegas version is perhaps the best movie based slot machine I've ever played. The whole atmosphere and the visuals of the games bring back some good memories, and the rendition of the characters, the fights, and the special features, are great, through and through. Even if you don't plan to win at Royal Vegas, it's still worth creating a real account and giving the game a go. That's, of course, if you are a Bat-fan with an affinity for slot machines.

The Dark Knight Rises, is available for free play at the Royal Vegas Casino
To some, Batman might not be the most beloved hero in the whole wide world, and to a certain extent, he isn't the most intriguing and interesting character in the DC Universe. Yet surely he is one of the best known ones, as his fame is a match for that of Superman himself, the superhuman alien who, surprise-surprise, will co-star in a movie that'll match Marvel's hit, Captain America: Civil War. In this movie, set to premiere March, the two best known DC characters will fight it out on the big screen for the first time in live action. But hey! At the end of the day we all know they will both make peace with each other and fight side by side in a series of movies yet to come.


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