Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Poster Fanboys everywhere have been pissing their pants since 'Man of Steel 2', also known as 'Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice', was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, 2013. More importantly, however, they've been placing bets as to who will win amidst this 'clash of the titans', especially since the two main combatants, Bat's and Supe's, have been friends, on and off, for over seventy years.

Since the announcement, 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' has been shrouded in secrecy, very much like the character of Batman himself. Well, until now, that is.  Thanks to the director, Zack Snyder.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - The Trinity
The Cast

Though plenty of rumors still circulate, the majority of the film's characters and corresponding cast members have been announced: Henry Cavill will once again play Superman whilst Ben Affleck will star as Batman. Wonder Woman will be played by Israeli model/actress, Gal Gadot. Amy Adams is to reprise her role as Lois Lane. Jeremy Irons will play Alfred to Affleck's Bruce. Game of Throne's star, Jason Momoa, will make an appearance as Aquaman. And last but not least, Cyborg (a.k.a. Victor Stone) will be portrayed by stage-to-screen actor, Ray Fisher, although many guess that his role in this film will be a minute long.

Currently no actor has been announced to play the character of Doomsday, and it is speculated that he'll be utilized in the film as the muscle behind the mad mind of the main antagonist, Lex Luthor, a role Jessie Eisenberg will tackle. Yes. That's right. Jessie Eisenberg, best known for his role in "Social Network" as mastermind villain Lex Luthor. Yeah, we're not sure how to feel about that, either.

The Dark Night Returns
The Story

Little has been confirmed about the movie's plot, but rumor has it that it is heavily influenced by "The Dark Knight Returns", Frank Miller's now iconic graphic novel. Based on the clips that have been released, fans expect to find themselves watching the beloved Clark Kent/Superman pick up where "Man of Steel" left off, having conquered General Zod, but destroying half of Metropolis in the process, which makes him a little less beloved by the public.

The population of Metropolis seem to be questioning his motive and methods, and highlighting the fact that he is an alien as Superman seems unapologetic and aloof. In the movie trailer, Batman, on the other hand, seems burdened and weary, but apparently has a bone to pick with Superman.

Given that so many characters from the Justice League are represented in the film, it's likely that these allies will have to choose. Who will side with the Man of Steel? Who will back the Caped Crusader?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - The Batmobile
The Car

When these two heavyweights are pinned against each other, Superman clearly has the advantage of flight. But an obvious lack of superpower has never stopped Batman before, as his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, can easily afford to purchase the appearance of superpowers in the form of his "wonderful toys". The most anticipated and frequently re-interpreted of these, is, of course, the Batmobile.

The Batmobile in "Superman v Batman" does not disappoint with its advanced capabilities and automotive technologies not seen in previous iterations. The version of the Batmobile envisioned by Zack Snyder appears to utilize the sleek shape and sophistication from classic versions of the vehicle with the rugged, militant look of "Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan's all-terrain tumbler.

Causing a stir among Batman followers is the massive gun on the front of the Batmobile. Since Batman's personal code of ethics does not permit the use of firearms, we'll see how that goes over.

Similar to previous Batmobiles, the new one is covered in armor and sports many gadgets, but this baby breaks the 200 mile per hour threshold and weighs in at almost 7,000 pounds.

Regardless of who your money is on, it's a safe bet that this film will be out of this world, considering the exciting new Batmobile, the Frank Miller-inspired story, plus the stellar cast.

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