Golden Bell Entertainment Hello everyone! We’re Marc, Rachel, and Rob from Golden Bell Entertainment, and as informal as these things go, we wanted to drop in and say hello, and thank those backers and any other supporters who helped fund our first year of The Sunday Comics on Kickstarter.

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If you missed out you can still pick up a subscription on IndieGoGo InDemand! We cannot express the gratitude we felt at the positive reception we’ve received so far with The Sunday Comics, both online and in person at comic cons. All of us here at Golden Bell are excited to continue full steam ahead on every project we have in store, and we can’t wait to fulfill on all of our promises after our campaign.

Marc, Rachel, and Rob from Golden Bell Entertainment
For anyone curious, the three of us started Golden Bell while we were still in college together at Ohio State. Marc Joseph Goldner was always interested in starting his own company, but thrived on his love for entertainment and pop culture. Similarly, Rachel Korsen wanted to use her artistic background in painting and animation to be a part of something outside of the traditional career path in the arts. Finally, Robert Otto Gross, studying film and screenwriting, shared similar interests and views, wanting to write and craft stories for audiences worldwide.

We wanted to continue working together following school instead of splitting into different career tracks. After careful consideration, thought, and plenty of deliberation, the three of us decided to form Golden Bell out of our passion and drive to create original stories, characters, and the worlds they inhabited. The Sunday Comics was the culmination of our initial efforts and it’s been a wonderful journey thus far.

Since the announcement of The Sunday Comics, we’ve already made headway with other personal projects such as individual properties like InsecTales, a stuffed animal division we’re calling Stuffimals, and a publishing division, Polar Press. We will be publishing children’s books, like The Love of a Bingle Lancer, and an all-ages illustrated novel, The Valiard Mansion. To read Bingle Lancer, you can pre-order your copy today on our active Kickstarter! Furthermore, you can visit to read the first two chapters for free before the book’s upcoming release! Yes, there is a lot in store for our fans in the near future, and you can check out everything else we’re doing on www.GoldenBell.TV

Consequently, the reception of our first project has inspired all of us to continue with our message and mission... Comics for a Change. We believe that art and entertainment are necessary to encourage healthy change, not just in North America, but all over the world. Our goals are to do whatever it takes to help those less fortunate and in need, while also telling stories that exist outside of the brands that we’ve seen and known for generations. Saving The Sunday Comics, for instance, isn’t only about saving the traditional characters and stories that our parents grew up reading, but it's also for us too, preserving a tradition and a legacy that shouldn't be forgotten. The print medium, and the traditional newspaper broadsheet size for that matter, deserve to be used for countless generations to come, creating new ideas and modes of expression so that we do not simply rest on our laurels.

Rip Rocket And The Troopers of Doom
Rip Rocket And The Troopers of Doom
Like the recent frequent use of IMAX film stock, the use of broadsheet newspaper should not go the way of print media in general. Instead, the large size can be used to tell stories and showcase artwork in truly tremendous, LARGE-SIZED format in the same vein as Prince Valiant and Little Nemo in Slumberland. We believe that this applies to all stories, whether it be a dramatic slice of life or a fantasy/sci-fi epic. The Sunday Comics were a truly wondrous experience for their time and we believe that everyone can help save the format for newer generations now transitioning to digital comics. A healthy balance can yet exist, one that will foster positive growth and change in our global world. Evolution always takes time, inspiring our team to depart from the traditional comedic element that has taken over newspaper comic pages in recent years; therefore, we’re restoring the previous long form serialized storytelling prowess that existed in comics like Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, and The Phantom.

Following our vision for the future of our company, we want to conclude with one more thank you to our backers. THANK YOU! Additionally, we would like to forward a BIG HELLO to our new supporters, here, reading this today. We are so thrilled to show you the stories we are developing in-house, as well as showcasing our diverse group of collaborators from comics, television, animation, and the film industry. Truly, we are excited to be here and look forward to the future of comics and entertainment. It’s a wild ride and we’re pleased to welcome everyone and anyone who so wishes to take this journey with us!

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