Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Comic book fans have spent years arguing about who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman. Plus lets not forget, the upcoming DC Comics movie does nothing more than increase the intrigue and passion of supporters of both heroes. After all, once you watch the trailers, one thing is perfectly clear, this duo has revived the big enigma of who is the strongest of them all.

If the battle were to be between the two actors’ performances, we would already know that the winner will definitely be Henry Cavill; since everyone remembers how Ben Affleck screwed Daredevil and it was established then that he was not superhero material. Maybe he will turn out to be a success as Bruce Wayne, fingers crossed, as we can only hope he doesn’t destroy the legacy of the Dark Knight.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Superman PosterYet, since the battle is between the two characters, Warner Bros and Zack Snyder have our absolute attention; even Stan Lee has been involved in the discussion. He has chipped in his opinion on the matter, in which he confidently bets on the Man of Steel to be the ultimate superhero. As Lee told The Boston Herald, “He's indestructible and can do anything; Batman relies on a few weapons”. He then added that when it’s time for the fight “there's no one who should bet on Batman”. The soul of Marvel Comics has spoken about his long time rival, and it looks like the odds are in favor of the Man of Steel! However, it looks like triumph will not come without a cost since Lex Luthor and Doomsday will be around to make it an even more interesting fight.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Batman Poster But, will his “excelsior!” comment and the trailers help us pick a winner? Well, we have to always consider the weaknesses and strengths of both superheroes. It is true that Batman relies on weapons and millions of dollars; he can also get his hands on kryptonite, the biggest weakness of Kal-El and probably one of the few ways to leave him vulnerable enough to lose the fight. Another weakness of the Man of Steel is the Red Sunlight that Batman can take as an advantage and turn him into a regular human, which would be the Dark Knight’s window of opportunity to defeat the Kryptonian.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Wonder Woman PosterThat said, though, these methods don’t really fit in to what would be a clean, fair fight; especially when Superman will come to battle with nothing but his suit and his natural powers and abilities. Besides flying, healing fast, being super strong and quick on his feet, having x-ray vision, superhuman senses (hearing, vision and olfaction) and breath, he is intelligent and a master of combat.

No one is sure who will come out alive of this death pool or if there will actually be a winner at the end of the film! If there is, we should be rooting for the favorite of the battle, the indestructible Man of Steel (Editors Note: Maybe?). There is, however, one sure thing thanks to the appearance of Wonder Woman; it will be the beginning of the Justice League.


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