Wonder Woman Cosplay
There are three ways to cosplay at Comic-Con and other conventions: the ultra obscure character no one thought to replicate (like Scruffy from Futurama), the comically bad-on-purpose cosplay like an Iron Man made from trash can parts and cheap lights, and the costumes that look so good, they could have possibly been stolen from the movie set.

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Now the first two are fun and good for a laugh, but putting time into a movie-quality cosplay will turn heads all weekend. Whether you're going for Iron Man, Batman, or the Man of Steel (you're about to see a lot of those last two), these are the steps to ensure your cosplay beats everyone else at the convention.

Stormtrooper / Iron Man Cosplay
DIY Construction

The best costumes are made, not bought, and unless you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to another custom builder, there isn't any store that sells movie-quality Stormtrooper outfits. It's time to put on your DIY hat and learn how to build these yourself. Luckily, the Internet is an awesome place that will hold your hand through every step.

This guide from Studio Creations walks you through every step of making a custom Stormtrooper, from materials and casts/molds to finishing the final details. It's going to take time and work, but those hours in the garage will show on the convention floor.

Sexy Two-Face Cosplay

Even Iron Man has to lift the mask eventually, and if you want to truly go the distance at Comic-Con, then you better look like Tony Stark underneath. Makeup can be subtle to help your face match a certain character, or it can be an insane process to recreate the perfect Two Face.

There are five key elements to perfecting cosplay makeup, as explained by Leafy Peachy Cosplay:
  1. Weathering: Blood, dirt and burns are all small details that add authenticity to your costume. 
  2. Contouring: The right makeup can change the appearance of your face's shape and bone structure, adding a lot to your character. 
  3. Improving Eyes: Simple tricks like matching your eyebrows to your wig go a long way. 
  4. Make It Shiny: Add a resin coat to give a shine in places you want to stand out. 
  5. Correct Tools: Use the right tool for the job and the final product will show it.

Batmobile Cosplay
The Perfect Vehicle

There will be plenty of Batmen, but how many of them will actually drive up in a Batmobile? A custom vehicle is the ultimate mic drop in one-upping other cosplayers showing up as the same character as you.

Obviously this is the most expensive step in a great cosplay, but there are corners to cut to make the process much cheaper. First, search used car dealerships to find a high-mileage (but decent) vehicle that matches the body type of the movie prop. For example, a white station wagon for the "Ghostbusters" car or an old Delorean for the time machine from "Back to the Future."

Customizing a car is really no different than building a costume and often requires less work. And just like the Stormtooper guide listed above, there are whole sites dedicated to transforming regular vehicles into movie wonders. This guide from Inverse lists all the pieces necessary for the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and how to assemble them. Combine this with a custom-made suit and pack and there's no way another Ghostbuster in the room will top what you have going on.

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