Do you know what the difference is between Hal Jordan and Kendall Jenner? Simple. There is no point to Kendall Jenner. Which reminds me, please check out the following comic book created by Robert Venditti, Rafael Sandoval, and published by DC Comics, in March, 2016.

TO QUOTE Grace Paley: 'I often see through things right to the apparition itself'.

On the whole I'd say this issue of Green Lantern is a tale of two unequal halves. In the first part of the book we're presented with the aftermath of Hal's apparition like state: Namely, how his brother Jim manages to snap him out of it, as well as how Jordan then decides to head off planet to investigate why this has happened to him. As for the rest of the book, basically it's focused on a completely different story involving Trapper, Virgo, and Darlene: Or more specifically, how they fight and then get captured by a group of alien mercenaries who seek to get their revenge on a certain ring slinger.    

Now, as you can most probably tell from my flippant writing tone (Yes. It's there. You can smell it on your screen), I personally wasn't too keen about this issue at all. Partly because I was more interested in seeing Hal trying to figure out his dilemma, which never really happened. Partly because the Trapper and Virgo part of the plot felt like filler, essentially waiting around for the remainder of the book until Hal eventually showed up. And partly because everything that transpired seemed pretty disposable for a singular issue, biff-baff-boff, finito.

We got a quick recap in the first few pages. We then got a couple of pages focused on Hal telling us what he's going to do next. And after that, we got scene after scene after scene of Trapper fighting, Virgo whining, and Darleen trying to barter with her captors for her freedom.

Now please don't misunderstand me, dear reader, I'm not trying to say that I didn't enjoy the second sub-plot or what it tried to convey. Darleen was on good form and it was nice to know that Trapper can actually fight. But apart from those minor revelations, nah, not my cup of tea I'm afraid. Which is saying something, as I'm usually a big fan of Robert Venditti's character based writing and Rafael Sandoval's brand of cartoonish artwork. As a matter of fact, the only saving grace for this issue was Rafael's artwork! In my eyes his pleasant style of illustration made the story more enjoyable to follow, as it kind of lightened the mood and gave it a fresher feeling of adventure and hope. I'm not taking anything away from Robert's story; of course, it's just that in this case the art did win over the words.

Sorry Robert. You're still one of my favorites.

So overall I'd say this issue of Green Lantern was a pretty mixed affair. The artwork was breezy whilst the story-line was divisible by two: Both good and bad in uneven doses.   

For the majority of this issue I was muttering under my breath that I wanted to see what was going down with Hal Jordan. Or in other words, I Want You Back, Hal, as sung by Mickey Jay and his four brothers. Take it away guys. 

You know how I previously said that I liked the Hal part of the story more than the Trapper and Virgo part of the story, and that in more ways than one I wanted to know more about that plot than the one which ultimately dominated the issue? If so, then you know why I'm now comparing it to Kim Kardashian! Who cares about the rest of her family, it's her ass that matters, Ha!

At the end of this issue Hal Jordan shows up and says something very brash to Trapper and Virgo's captors. So, for the sake of peas, Qui-Gon, can you guess what he says to them out of the following eight options? Could it be...

  1. To me you're like a toe-nail in a tit factory: Surplus to requirements.
  2. Do any of you know where I can find Donald Trumps brain-cell?
  3. If you want to pick on someone who's close to me, why don't you pick on Ryan Reynolds? After all, he did star in Deadpool.
  4. Excuse me, but can you direct me to the bathroom please?
  5. Your trouble is just getting started.
  6. To me you're like a line of cocaine: Prepare to get snorted.
  7. Can you understand what Flash said to Batman in 'Batman v Superman'?
  8. Spring break!!!!!
Nuff said.

GREEN LANTERN #51 GREEN LANTERN #51 Reviewed by David Andrews on April 25, 2016 Rating: 5

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