Jessica Jones - Pulse Do you think you know Jessica Jones? And I do mean, really-truly know her! What's that? Yes? Yes you do?!?!? Well, good for you then. That way you won't have to waste your time checking out the following infographic about our latest Netflix sensation! No-No-No. There's no backing out now, my friend! Of course you know which power-punching vigilante she named her child after. Of course you know which web-slinging Avenger she went to school with. And of course you know...

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Jessica Jones Infographic
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1) She was a new character created for MAX comics:   Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos created Jessica Jones for a series they devised called Alias. This series was a part of a more mature themed range of titles Marvel was publishing at the time under their MAX banner imprint. In an interview he gave years later, Brian claimed that he initially wanted to use Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, yet decided that it would be better for the series to have a new and fresh character.

Jessica Jones - Jewel
2) She has a classic superhero origin:   Do you think it's a good thing or a bad thing to get doused with military grade radioactive chemicals? Well, if you're either of Jessica's parents, it's a bad thing: because they die from it, instantly, BOOOO! Whereas if your Jessica herself, yes, it's a good thing: because she manages to gain the power of flight and super strength after recovering from a coma, HOORAY!!!!

3) In the comics, Jessica Jones had a brief stint as a superhero named ‘Jewel':   Once she gained her superpowers, Jessica does what you would expect anyone would do who gains superpowers. She gives herself a funky new name (Jewel). She gives herself a funky new costume (see picture provided). Plus she teams up with Daredevil to fend off some Purple schmuck named Kilgrave. Ops! Bad idea. Little does she know, is that Old Kill-joy here has a right thing for our Jess, a right-right thing. And using all of his might he manages to telepathically control her mind for eight whole months -- yes, eight months --  forcing her to partake in his criminal schemes whilst torturing her psychologically. Thankfully, this torture eventually ended with some help from the New Avengers. May God bless em'.

4) She became a private investigator after retiring as a superhero:   As soon as she realized that nobody noticed her missing after the aforementioned eight month long Kilgrave debacle, Jessica, like the sensible girl she is, decided to give up being a superhero, and started up her own private eye detective agency, called Alias Investigations. During her time as a P.I. she often helped other superheroes with cases that needed to be solved. Such as...

Jessica Jones -  New Avengers
5) Her best friend was originally supposed to be Captain Marvel:   No. I'm not talking about that big guy who squints a lot and sports an Elvis Presley hairstyle. After all, that guy is a DC character! I'm talking about Marvels' version of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, who was originally planned to appear in the TV series. However, knowing Marvel and their plans for Carol in the cinematic universe, the show-runner for the Netflix series decided to use Trish “Patsy” Walker (AKA Hellcat) instead.

6) She’s married to Luke Cage:   In New Avengers issue #1, Jessica and Luke finally get hitched after an on-off relationship that lasted for years. Eventually they had a child together, a child called Danielle, who they named after Luke’s best friend, Danny Rand (Iron Fist).

7) She was schoolmates with Peter Parker:   What? Don't tell me that this is news to you! Way before she was Jessica Jones, she was Jessica Campbell, a high school student who was around when a certain Peter Parker was bitten by a certain irradiated spider. On top of that, she also had a crush on him! A revelation that was only revealed years later, when the both of them joined the New Avengers.

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