Road Trip Poster I'd say theirs nothing better than getting into your car and driving wherever the road takes you. I mean, let's face it. The open road is as hospitable as a pack of pretty prostitutes who are as free spirited as mother nature herself. Heck, just look at film history for another spin on this. Road movies, in all of their variable forms, show an actual journey taking place both visually and metaphorically, through each of the characters involved.

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On the whole a good road trip movie should be filled with incident, stress, bonding, humor, and most importantly of them all, fun. Despite the actors themselves not always traveling on the routes depicted in the film, it's still possible for someone to piece together the routes their characters would have taken during the story. In fact, Car Leasing Made Simple did just that, and have managed to recreate the magic of some of the most memorable movie road trips ever devised.

Easy Rider
Of course, they started off with a truly iconic road movie, Easy Rider, a film that basically defined the counterculture movement and has now passed into filmic folk-law. Essentially the movie traveled through the southern part of America, and seared itself a path for other zoom-zoom movies to follow.

'Dumb and Dumber' is one such a movie, and 'Road Trip' is another. This is then quickly followed by modern classics like 'Little Miss Sunshine', a comedy-drama that very much focuses on the emotional aspect of road trip films.

For each of these trips CLMS worked out petrol costs, the estimated driving time, the cost of buying the relevant car, and have given tips on what you could see and how to (legally) keep to the spirit of the movie.

So read on, reminisce, enjoy, and plan your next road trip, with this, their infographic based on their findings.

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