Tribute: David Bowie David Bowie tragically passed away on the 10th of January, 2016, and left behind a legacy of memorable songs plus an indelible imprint on popular culture, felt from generation to generation. So prudently, Storm Entertainment has managed to capture his enigmatic spirit in a new tribute comic book biography. 

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Tribute: David Bowie, is available in both print and digital formats, and follows the avant garde artist's innovative career from his early days as the Brixton bound David Jones, through to his ever-changing metamorphoses into a rock god, tortured artist, thin white duke, and blinded prophet.

Tribute: David BowieWritten by Mike Lynch and Michael Frizell, with art provided by George Amaru and Vincenzo Sansone, the book pays homage to a man who had a need inside himself to constantly reinvent and defy convention. The one-shot also features three collectible covers by Sansone, David Frizell, and Graham Hill.

Now on another level the book manages to complement the previously published David Bowie book, Fame: David Bowie, and completes his life story. I'm sure Bowie fans will be able to recognize his transformation from the iconic Ziggy Stardust to Aladdin Sane, then to pre-punk Berliner to The Thin White Duke, and finally to his star turn as the Goblin King in the 1986 movie, 'Labyrinth'. 

'Bowie should not be remembered for his multiple personas, but rather for his desire to push musical and artistic boundaries', said writer, Michael Frizell, 'He was on the forefront of so many musical movements; psychedelic, glam, Krautrock, funk, grunge, and his latest post modern masterpiece and farewell gift, Black-Star'.  

Storm Entertainment president Darren Davis added, ' I hope readers come away with not simply a sense of the richness of his life, but how he influenced practically every artist that came after; regardless of genre'.

Tribute: David BowieTribute: David Bowie

Tribute: David Bowie
The “Tribute” series serves as a pop culture companion to Storm Entertainment’s successful “Female Force”, “Political Power”, “Orbit”, and “Fame” series. The biography comic format allows Storm’s talented writers to delve into the history of certain newsworthy figures and explore what shaped them. Storm Entertainment’s biographical comic books have been featured on CNN, Politico, Roll Call, The Today Show, FOX News, and in People Magazine, among thousands of others.

Tribute: David Bowie is available on your e-reader from iTunes, Kindle, Nook, ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, Google Play, and Comic Flea Market, ranging in the region of $3.99 per copy.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say we as a people, comic book fans, or musical enthusiasts, should take note of  David Bowie's life, and try to remember that we all change, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and are constantly evolving, constantly innovating, and constantly Bowie.

R.I.P, buddy. You will be missed.

TRIBUTE: DAVID BOWIE TRIBUTE: DAVID BOWIE Reviewed by David Andrews on April 19, 2016 Rating: 5

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