Super Stormtrooper One day, two aliens accidentally bumped into each other while they were flying over the earth's atmosphere. 'Hey!', said one of the aliens, 'I've been flying over the earth for centuries now, and I've never run into you before!'. 'Same here', said the second alien, 'This is my 21st century flying over the earth, and never once have I spotted another non earth-based life-form, apart from my own'. 

Now, for the next couple of minutes, the two aliens started sizing each other up, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. When suddenly, the first aliens said to the second alien, 'Listen, I tell you what, let's put a stop to this right now, and just break each others curiosity by saying who we are and where we come from. Care to go first?'. 'Sure', said the second alien, 'I have nothing to hide. My name is 32165421523 and I come from 63391663'. 'Really?', said the first alien, 'Funny, you don't look Jewish'.     

Yep. That's right, dear reader. This is a joke. My jovial intro was nothing more than to lead you into checking out the following two alien based infographics created for us by Morph Suits. But before you have a look at Our All Time Favourite Aliens and Star Wars: The Drinking Game, please note that I once told this joke to a mate of mine who didn't understand it. 

'So what's that mean?', said my friend, 'Are those numbers the alien said Jewish numbers or something?'. 'No', I replied, 'The numbers are irrelevant. They're merely there to set up the silly punch-line at the end of the joke'. 'Oh!', said my friend, 'Fair enough. But on second thoughts, don't you think that the actual punch-line is racist?'. 'How so?' I exclaimed, 'You know me, I'm not racist. If anything, I'm the opposite of being racist. I'd shag any nationality, no matter where the foreign buggers come from'. 'I won't dispute that', retorted my friend, 'although I don't think the first alien knows that'. 

Sigh! Please enjoy and tell me what you think of these... 

Our All Time Favourite Aliens

Star Wars: The Drinking Game


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