On the 10th of September, 2016, Birmingham's Studio Venue is proud to host the third International Comic Expo. Along for the ride is a guest list as long as your arm, including artists, writers, and publishers from all over the world.  

Forbidden planet

Each year, ICE has been attracting more and more people due to it’s accessibility to both the curious movie goer and comic book fanboy alike, with both breeds of people eager to meet their favorite creators, heroes, or idols, live and in person.

Offering much more than your usual 'tables selling back issues', 'promotional panels', or the expected 'signings', (all of which it still does offer) ICE boasts a massive guest list of over 35 top professional artists and writers, worldwide. They make the most of this huge collection of talent via a full program of exciting, imaginative, and fun events, the likes of which you just don't find anywhere else in the UK.

Shane Chebsey, the event director, recently said “At ICE, we believe that when you call yourself an International event your guests should reflect that, as well as showing the world what a massive pool of talent Britain has on offer. That's also why we have major American publishers like Dark Horse Comics exhibiting alongside British Indy publishers. The program of events we have carefully put together, in partnership with Geek Syndicate, is to accompany the massive exhibition of creativity from publishers and artists, crammed with exclusive creator interviews, panels, and fun chat show style discussions”.

Some of the guests who've been confirmed so far include:

From America:
  • Writer for both the Daredevil Netflix Series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Christos Gage.
  • DC Bombshells and Insexts writer, Marguerite Bennett.
  • Legendary Marvel artist and visionary editor, Carl Potts.

From Italy and Spain:
  • Superman artist, Marco Santucci.
  • DC Bombshells artist, Maria Laura Sanapo.
  • DC Comic Book inker extraordinare, Jaun Albarran.

From Ireland, Wales, or Scotland:
  • Superstar Marvel and Image Comics artist, Declan Shalvey.
  • Prolific colour artist, Jordie Bellaire.
  • Vertigo writer, David Baillie.
  • Doctor Who and 2000AD artist and writer, Simon Fraser and Gary Erskine.
  • Artist and colourist, Dylan Teague.
  • 2000AD legend, Dave Roach.

Of course, no UK convention is complete without some of the biggest names from England. Those attending include Walking Dead artist, Charlie Adlard; Hellboy artist, Duncan Fegredo; Fade Out and Marvel Zombies artist, Sean Phillips; Hellbazer and X-Force writer, Peter Milligan; and Judge Dredd creator, John Wagner.

Ouch! The list of names just seems to go on and on.

So if you live and breath comic art, get hyped over super hero movies, or just love cosplaying as your favourite character, plus, you want to join in on all the fun, it seems that ICE 2016 is one event on the convention calendar you might not want to miss.

To book tickets or to find out more about the International Comic Expo, please visit their website at: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk. A full day early bird pass starts from 10am and ends 5.30pm, costing £12 with discounts for students and free entry for children. VIP Tickets including an after show party are also available.


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