The Fifth Beatle In 2013 I interviewed Vivek Tiwary about his graphic novel, 'The Fifth Beatle', which basically recounts the life and times of the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, and what he had to go through to be able to make the fab four, really fab. Today I had the privilege of interviewing Vivek once again. This time though it wasn't about 'The Fifth Beatle' graphic novel. Oh no! This time it was about the adaptation of the new syndicated 'Fifth Beatle' television series, soon to be shown on a TV station near you.

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1) Using a sentence or two how would you sum up the story behind ‘The Fifth Beatle’ TV series?   "The Fifth Beatle" recounts the untold true story of the legendary Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, and his effort to drive the unknown band from playing in a cellar in Liverpool to international super-stardom. While working tirelessly for The Beatles, Brian also struggled with serious personal difficulties, most notably the challenges of being homosexual, Jewish, and from Liverpool in the 1960's. As the engineer of Beatlemania and a key architect of the cultural revolution of that decade, "The Fifth Beatle" will not only reveal a dramatic and provocative Beatles origin story -- but will inspire anyone who’s ever dared to believe in a dream.

The Fifth Beatle By Vivek Tiwary
2) How many episodes will their be?   "The Fifth Beatle" will be six one-hour long episodes, and we have plans to expand the series into a longer anthology format called, "On the Shoulders of Giants", with future seasons covering the life and times of other great unsung music visionaries.

3) What time period does the show cover?   It will focus on the period between 1961 to 1967, from when Brian discovered the Beatles to his untimely death at the age of 32. 

4) When can we expect it to hit the small screen?   See my answer to question 7 for more details.

5) Have you ever eaten Scouse (a traditional liverpudlian dish)?   I've spent a lot of time in Liverpool, but I'm a pescatarian, so I haven't had Scouse :)

6) Which Beatles song, singular, could define the making of ‘The Fifth Beatle’ TV series?   It's been a 'Long and Winding Road' (it took me three years to secure the rights to Beatles songs alone!), but, 'Here Comes the Sun!'.

7) Have you cast any actors yet, and if so, who has been cast in what major role?   I'm afraid I can't reveal details on that just yet, but please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for casting information, which we expect to reveal SOON!

8) If this TV series had a motto, what would it be?   No dream is too impossible and no person too unlikely to realize those dreams.

And so on that note, I'd like to thank Vivek for telling us about 'The Fifth Beatle' TV show, before directing you towards their official website. Trust me, you'll love it, yeah-yeah-yeah,


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