To celebrate Marvels latest movie release, X-Men: Apocalypse, my mates over at Morph Suits have created a stunning infographic about the titular character. In conjunction with this I have also cobbled together some interesting facts about the ugly looking git. Want to know what they are? Then please, get a load of this...

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X-Factor #51) Full Name: En Sabah Nur.

2) Known Aliases: The First One, Genesis, and Sally.

3) First Appearance: X-Factor #5, publication date, June 1986.

4) Created By: Louise Simonson and Jackson Guice, two of the creators behind Doomsday for DC and Skids for Marvel.

5) Age: Mind your own business, or alternatively, check out the next fact.

6) Claim To Fame: According to legend old funny face is considered to be the First Mutant in the Marvel Universe, having been born 5000 years ago.

7) Place of Birth: The Gulf of Aqaba situated in Jordan -- Not Hal Jordan.

Blood of Apocalypse
8) Relatives: Barney the talking dinosaur and OJ Simpson.

9) When did his power first manifest itself: After he got ditched by a bit of skirt named Nephri.

10) What Are his powers: Immortality, Telekinesis, Origami, Telepathy, Technopathy, Warping Reality, Mass and Energy Manipulation, Superhuman Strength, a notable Healing Factor, plus he is very good at Jigsaw puzzles. 

11) Who's his arch-nemesis: Cable, a time-traveler from an alternate future where Apocalypse / Sally managed to conquer the earth. Funnily enough, Cable is also the son of X-Men leader Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone, Madelyne Pryor.

12) Team Affiliations: The Four Horsemen, The Dark Riders, The Village People, Clan Akkaba, Alliance of Evil, SHIELD, as well as the My Little Pony fan-club of Finland.

13) Hobbies: Fishing and killing people.

14) Favorite Color: Purple.

15) Favorite Sport: Isn't Fishing a sport? If not, then I'd say Badminton.

16) Favorite Song: Let It Go.

17) Favorite Book: The Dummies Guide To Powerpoint Presentations, 2010 Edition.

18) Favorite Film: Who Will Love My Children?

19) Most watched TV Show: Desperate Housewives.

20) Should I believe any of these facts: Answer, well, some of them,

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