What do you think will happen when the man without fear buts head's with the woman without bra? Oi! Don't be bloody disgusting! That doesn't happen! The answer is comic book happens. Or to be more specific about it, the following comic book created by Charles Soule, Matteo Buffagni, and published by Marvel in May, 2016.

TO QUOTE Jimmy Carr: 'Within the first few weeks of dieting you're still trying to find your own feet'.

The next time I hear a woman complaining about being pregnant, what I'll do, is make sure they read this issue of Daredevil. After all, if Elektra can 'be with child' and learn martial arts at the same time, I can't see why any other woman can't do exactly the same thing!

What? You didn't know Elektra had a baby? Well, neither did Matt until she accused him of abducting her kid last month. Turns out, eleven years ago she discovered that she was pregnant just after her father was murdered. So, just like any other woman put in this position, she traveled to China and learned the old kick and punch from grand-master Stick -- Daredevils one-time mentor -- before giving away her sprog just as soon as she popped it.

Recently, however, Elektra was given a piece of evidence that proved to her that Daredevil had abducted her kid, and that is why she -- yes, you guessed it -- tried to kick his face in last month. But thankfully, at the start of this month's episode, Daredevil manages to talk her round so she could tell him her full story. And now, now that she has, well, things get even more confusing from here on in.

During the end of her recount Elektra shows Daredevil her mobile phone which has a video on it showing him the abduction. But I'm afraid the problem with this revelation is two fold. Firstly, Matt is blind and is unable to see the video on the screen. And secondly, once he takes Elektra's phone and shows the video to Foggy, Foggy in turn tells him something which... errr... how can I put this? Oh! I don't think I can. Because if I do I might spoil things for you, and I wouldn't want to do that!

That said, however, the twist at the end kind of makes the whole thing feel fairly redundant in retrospect. It's like we've gone down this somewhat intriguing path, full of questions like 'Is it Matt's kid?', 'Who's abducted it?', and 'Why is Daredevil being framed?', when suddenly, the mat is pulled out from under our feet -- mat not Matt -- and we're left with a story which I fear we've all seen before.

Now quickly moving on and I must applaud Matteo Buffagni for his much improved artwork. In my eyes he has a very nice balance between noir and kitsch plus is able to compose his scenes with a modicum of flair. Take this one scene near the end of the book, where we see a bad guy talking to Elektra, and in it Matteo hides the bad-guys face just enough to make him seem intriguing, whilst showing us his face just enough so we know who he isn't -- not is.

Anyway. That's enough of that. Overall I thought that this was a pretty ying / yang issue of Daredevil. The artwork was great, whilst the story-line was captivating yet muddled. Say no more.

The main theme running through this issue is Elektra's search for her missing child. You know, just like what the Rolling Stones sung about in their 1997 release, 'Anyone Seen My Baby?'.

I now have to compare this issue to Child Services for very similar reasons to my last section.  If you're looking for a missing child you know who you have to call, and I don't mean the Ghostbusters!

At the very end of this issue we find out something I shouldn't really tell you. Or should I? Should I just, you know, insinuate what the twist was within the following eight options?

Yeah? You'd let me do that? Great!

So picture the scene. Elektra confronts the man who told her that Daredevil kidnapped her kid. When suddenly, through the commotion, it's finally revealed that...

  1. Elektra is a man named Ed.
  2. Elektra had a child with Wilson Fisk and they called it Miley.
  3. Elektra wears red to disguise the fact that she isn't Greek, she's Russian.
  4. Elektra once poll-danced without a poll.
  5. Elektra had a child with Spider-Man and it can now stick to car windows.
  6. Elektra's hair is made of string.
  7. Elektra has never had sex with a human.
  8. Elektra didn't have a child and this is all a ruse.
Nuff said.

DAREDEVIL #7 DAREDEVIL #7 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 20, 2016 Rating: 5

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