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Coming from the creative minds of Thom Burgess and Toby Meakins is a brand new concept teaser called 'Ghoster'. Turns out, way before Thom came up with his previous spooky production, 'Malevolents', he had another project he wanted to take a stab at. So to cut a long story short, Ahhhhh!, both he and Toby got together and devised a mass-market grand idea that plays out like Assassins Creed meets Harry Potter meets Kingsmen. Got it? Good. Now we can move on.

Following the aftermath of MALEVOLENTS, the world is plagued by vicious, evil ghosts that feed on pain, suffering, and death. However, there remains one hope amidst this plight, James Tallier, a 21-year-old dropout who must fight to reclaim his extraordinary birthright -- Spectral assassin, hunter of the dead: AKA GHOSTER.

Essentially this unlikely hero is plunged into a hidden world where he must master dark arts, and battle terrifying Malevolents. Soon he discovers that to survive he must change the foundations of a world beyond imagination. So, to become a true Ghoster, he must first survive a number of trials, tribulations, and challenges.

To check out the full project please visit The Ghoster Project.com. But before you do, please have a look at what Burgess said about his teaser in a quote he gave to Rue-Morgue magazine:

"I’d been working on 'Ghoster' on and off for years, well before starting my supernatural horror comic, 'Malevolents'", said Burgess. “Yet last year I was lucky enough to have been teamed up with director Toby Meakins. Previously Toby had created horror shorts 'Breathe' and Lot254' as well as been signed to 360 Management in LA. So 'Ghoster' is a big concept that we are hoping will get picked up as a franchise".

And I'm sure it will. Check this out...

GHOSTER - MALEVOLENTS BE DAMNED GHOSTER - MALEVOLENTS BE DAMNED Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on June 03, 2016 Rating: 5

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