So finally it came, the end of days, where hero fought God for the fate of human-kind. When suddenly, through the fiery ashes of decaying flesh and petrified bone, arose a champion, two champions as a matter of fact, Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok, ready to create the following comic book published by DC Comics, in May, 2016. Amen.

TO QUOTE Me: 'Your baby is either ugly or its just been sick on its own face'.

Whenever assembling a jigsaw puzzle don't you find that there is one special piece that kind of fits everything together? I do, especially with those gigantic jigsaw puzzles which are overly ornate in design.

Now I must admit, sometimes these pieces can either be a relief or a hindrance. On the one hand you know that you'll be able to finish the puzzle and then move onto the next one afterwards. Whilst on the other hand, you know that the puzzle is going to be finished, and along with it comes that feeling of sadness or loss.

To me, this issue of the Justice League is precisely that special piece of the puzzle. Something that fits everything together just nicely, so that the overall story-line emotionally makes some sort of sense!

Well, as you know, at the end of the last episode Superwoman gave birth to her baby, goo-goo, and now Grail -- the daughter of Darkseid and Myrina -- wants to use that baby in a cunning four part plan. 'And what plan might that be?' I hear you cry. 'Simple' says I. That plan involves the following four steps.

Step One) Find someone who'd be able to kill her Daddy: Hi Morbius, can you help me kill my father please? You would? Oh lovely! I promise I won't kill you afterwards -- fingers-crossed.

Step Two) After the deed is done make sure Daddy's power flows into certain heroes for a future purpose: Click! Boom! Zipp! Shazam. Next!!!

Step Three) Once a suitable vessel is hatched, i.e. Superwoman's baby, channel Daddy's power back into the kid and then resurrect him with an ancient Amazonian ritual: Oggga-Ogga-Ogga! Zagga-Waggga! Done.

Step Four) Control Daddy like any prissy-princess should: Ops! And that is where her plan falls flat on its ass.

You see, the one thing Grail failed to acknowledge was the fact that she pitted herself against a group of resourceful and multi-dimensional heroes. Batman might be a master tactician but he's also a humanitarian too. And of course, the same sort of things can easily be said about the stead-fast Flash, the knowledgeable and humane Cyborg, the feisty yet peaceful Wonder Woman, the super-strong Superman, the fearless but fearful Green Lantern, as well as the diametrically opposed Jessica Cruz. Even when facing such insurmountable odds, each hero, collectively or on their own, always do what they must to save the day. Also, it didn't hurt that one part of her plan was incorrect -- something about Steve Trevor not being the first man to step onto Paradise Island -- but I won't dwell on that point too much. It's kind of moot now anyway.

Now quickly moving onto the art side of things and I must applaud Jason Fabok for his work on this book. Honestly, he put so much detail into his characters that it will be a shame to see him go. Geoff Johns also does a bang up job in making sure everything makes sense. Even though I wasn't a big fan of Justice League God -- but then again, who was? -- in the same breath it was nice to see why this happened and how it all played out.

That said, however, there were a couple of plot points I wasn't too keen on. For instance, why the hell did Grail want to kill and then resurrect her father, someone by her own admission she never knew much about? Now I know that some of this is partly her mothers fault -- no comment -- but at the same time, this somewhat personal part of the story never really clicked with me, and that includes Steve Trevor's inclusion as well.  

Another thing I would like to mention is how this conclusion had multiple endings. Admittedly, I did enjoy some of these revelations and will expand upon them later. But in the same breath, I'm not a big fan of this type of multi-part ending, as they generally come across like a marketing gimmick set up by DC.  

Funnily enough, while I'm on the subject of marketing gimmicks, why did DC bring back the Anti-Monitor and then kill him off? Also, does Darkseid seem more menacing now that he's a baby? Ha! Don't make me laugh.

Answers on a postcard, wink-wink!

For this months musical match-up I want to partner this issue with something epic, something big, and something to do with a baby. So, with that in mind, how could I not match it up to the Bon Jovi anthem, 'Sweet Child of Mine'?

Previously I compared this comic book to a special piece of a jigsaw puzzle. So can you guess what I'm now going to put in this section, especially since there is a picture of a jigsaw puzzle by the side of it?

Yes. That's right. I'm now going to compare this issue to Miley Cyrus. Ha! Just kidding. It's a jigsaw puzzle, and would never twerk a stranger.

At the very end of this issue a lot of stuff was revealed, and yes, I do mean an awful lot of stuff. So much so in fact, I'd suggest you click away now if you've not read it yet, or else I might spoil the surprise.

Click-Click! Boom!

OK. So for the rest of you out there, hi, here is what I thought about each of the endings...
  1. Darkseid is a baby: I wouldn't want to breast feed him.
  2. Superman Is Going to Die: Then its a good job that his pre-Flashpoint version is waiting in the wings, right kids?
  3. Lex Luthor, Master of Apocalypse: Well, it will give him something to do until certain things in the world of Superman plays out. Anyway, I can't see it lasting long. It never does.
  4. The death and return of Jessica Cruz: Let's hope her new book with Simon Baz will last longer than 12 issues.  
  5. The parting of ways between Big Barda and Scott: Nooooooo! Say it isn't so. I want a pre-nup!!!!
  6. Three People Have Taken On The Role Of The Joker: Off the top of my head, I can think of at least two occasions where someone other than the Joker was playing the part. Once was in a story penned by Grant, Aparo, and Breyfogle (circa Batman #451), and the other one was at the start of the New 52.
  7. Wonder Woman has a brother called Jason: Hmm? I wonder if he's that chap with the Argonauts? Or better yet, shock-horror, Jason (The Red Hood) Todd?
  8. Owl-man go splat: Good.
Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #50 JUSTICE LEAGUE #50 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 14, 2016 Rating: 5

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