Mad About Trump In the midst of the Republican National Convention, MAD Magazine released a new e-book, MAD Dumps on Trump, which is basically a collection of MAD's best satire on Donald Trump throughout the years, complemented by the cover from MAD's year end issue, "20 Dumbest People, Things and Events of 2015". The e-book is available via the MAD website and is now free to read online. Once you've done that, go to the shower, have a quick wash, then come back here to check out these episodes of DC All Access.

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First Look At All-Star Batman

Scott Snyder returns to the Dark Knight next month in the eagerly awaited All-Star Batman, bringing along with him the one and only, John Romita Junior! In this clip, we sit down with the bestselling writer and artist to discuss this new and different take on Batman, how their work motivates each other, and what it feels like getting Batman out of the big city.

The Wonder Woman Theme Tune Plus The Low Down On San Diego Comic Con!

She may not have grown up on Themyscira, but we're pretty damn sure Tina Guo has the soul of an Amazon. In this episode Tiffany talks to the amazing cellist behind Batman v Superman's Wonder Woman theme, discussing with her, her recent Wonder Woman 75 playlist. Plus, we look at what's happening this week in the world of DC, including how you can keep up with us at San Diego Comic-Con.

75 Years Of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th Anniversary this year, and she still looks as great as ever. But she hasn't always looked the same. In this special Wonder Woman anniversary clip, we look at 75 different Wonder Women from throughout Diana's comic book life. How many do you recognize?

New Super-Man Forms Chinese Justice League

Jay talks with New Super-Man writer Gene Luen Yang about this exciting new series, about how this young super hero will be different from Kal-El and whether China will be getting any other familiar new heroes.

Batman: The Telltale Series

In this clip, Maude Garrett talks with Richard Iggo about Batman: The Telltale Series, specifically, what we can expect from this distinctly different Dark Knight adventure. Plus, Jay and Tiff have a look at some of this months new comics,  whilst rounding up some DC news and releases.


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