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Hollywood has been kicking the superhero movie scene into high gear for the past decade or so. Since the coming of the first decent Spiderman movie, we've seen all kinds of superheroes get remakes; we've seen their sidekicks and co-stars get their own films, and even villains have featured in their own projects.

But not all comic book stars have had their chance in Hollywood. Some, despite having some excellent source material (superhero or not), have been wholly neglected. Whether it's for lack of trying, lack of funding, or lack of producer interest, these poor souls have yet to see the light of the silver screen.

Here are five comics that, in my opinion, deserve their own films.

Cowboy Bebop
1) Cowboy Bebop

While it's certainly true that Cowboy Bebop is most well-known for its anime counterpart, its comic (or manga) version was technically published first. As arguably one of the best written and animated series of all time, Cowboy Bebop surely deserves to have a movie. Just so you know we're not counting animated movies here, either.

The discussion has gone on for years about whether or not the series will receive a movie, with rumors of Keanu Reeves playing Spike Spiegel. But to this date, we've seen nothing, and that really is a shame. As to the direction of the movie, which might be hard to quantify, the series is short, but not short enough to be featured in a single film.

A movie adaptation would probably want to simply cover the first third or half of the series; success would warrant a follow-up film. Here's hoping.

2) Trigun

Trigun is a unique instance of a story being wildly successful outside of its place of origin yet relatively unpopular at home. Though fondly remembered in the USA, Trigun never did so well in Japan. The story was excellent, with a variety of interesting characters and great moral dilemmas for the cast, but it's mostly “western” setting was probably off-putting for its Japanese audience.

Unlike Cowboy Bebop, Trigun could probably fit into a single film and still do well. As the characters don't involve anything too flashy, the cost for CGI effects would likely be relatively reasonable.

The themes are also familiar to most western audiences, meaning it would be easy to integrate into Hollywood’s already growing repertoire of comic-based films. 

3) Aquaman

Make no mistake, Aquaman is going to get a film, but he hasn’t yet. Despite being an integral member of the Justice League, he’s yet to surface in any real movie material. Aquaman’s powers are often the butt of jokes, as they seem dull and unhelpful at a cursory glance. 

But his human story goes far deeper than just being able to talk to fish. Aquaman (depending on the version) is the son of a researcher that had a child with a survivor of Atlantis. He is also married in a separate iteration, so there’s plenty of material to work with.

Given that Antman was able to receive his own film, Aquaman certainly doesn’t seem like a big stretch. It seems like just about every superhero gets a movie now, so why not the iconic ones?

Wonder Woman
4) Wonder Woman

In a similar vein to Aquaman, Wonder Woman is almost certainly going to get a film. But let’s be real here, it’s been a little bit of a wait, hasn’t it? We’ve already had five Spiderman movies within the last decade or so, three Batman movies, and a now growing series of even more Superman movies.

It isn't just that Wonder Woman is one of the few well-remembered "stand alone female superheroes" either. Wonder Woman is a good hero all on her own complete with origin stories, unique superpowers, and an audience that would definitely pay to see her.

In American comics, she was unique for a long time as one of the few female protagonists that wasn’t simply a sidekick or add-on character. So it’s high time she gets her own movie as well, something more than just a cameo in a Batman v Superman movie. 

Neon Genesis Evangelion
5) Neon Genesis Evangelion

The last on our list is a strange case. Neon Genesis Evangelion (often called NGE) was a comic and anime series with a short running but huge following. As a series known worldwide by more than just fans (even generating research studies in its aftermath), it has had no non-animated film adaptation.

The plot is difficult to describe to anyone that hasn’t seen it, as it was written by someone suffering from major depression and that heavily reflects in the themes presented throughout the series. But its creation has influenced so many other comics that it seems hardly fair to keep it out of the box offices.

NGE has had several animated adaptations including full-length animated films, but it would be far more impressive to see something done with real people. After seeing what can be done with blockbusters like Pacific Rim, there's no doubt NGE could be done some justice.

Other Considerations

There are a host of other comic book characters that also deserve their own films, from the various sidekicks in the DC and Marvel Universe to newer comic book characters such as those seen in the Saga series. In time, some of these may see films while others may not. Only time will tell.

Is there a comic you love that still hasn’t been made into a movie? Share with us in the comments below!

About the Author: Isa likes reading comics, but she really loves the movies. As an entertainment and internet security blogger, she writes on a variety of different topics. If you enjoyed this article, check out some of her work on Secure Thoughts or Culture Coverage.


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