Mick Jagger 'Vinyl' is a music inspired television drama from the creative minds of people like Mick Jagger, Rich Cohen, and Martin Scorsese, which basically documents Richie Finestra’s efforts to save his record company from rock and roll failure during the seventies. Now you must remember, that this was an era in which you wasn't able to download the latest MP3 of your favorite band’s album at a click of a button. What you had to do is actually get up, off of your ass, and go to a shop -- I repeat, A SHOP -- and buy a vinyl record or a ticket to a live gig.

In Vinyl, live music is the driving force behind the show, and shows that the show must go on, no matter what's in store. Heck, in the pilot episode alone we got to see a A&R talent scout sign a ‘Nasty Brit Band’, after seeing them perform a live and wild set. Well, when I say wild, I must admit, it wasn't as wild as some of these show stoppers...

Jimi Hendrix
Date: June the 16th, 1967.
Location: Monterey Pop Festival, California.

You have to remember the following three things when making love to a musical instrument. Firstly, it's best if you do it live on stage, in front of a Piece-Nick audience during the summer of love. Secondly, once you've made love, make sure you smash your instrument to pieces before setting it on fire. And thirdly, you have to be positively certain that you are Jimi Hendrix, the musician, your stage is located at the Monterey Pop Festival, and that your instrument is a guitar. I thank you. 

The Rolling Stones
Date: December the 6th, 1969.
Location: Altamont Speedway Free Festival, California

When it comes down to hiring security for a gig, try not to hire anyone who's as violent as the Hell's Angels. Regrettably The Rolling Stone's managerial team forgot that fact when setting up a free performance at the Altamont Speedway. Half way through the Stones set a member of the Angels stabbed a man named Meredith Hunter to death, causing a right un-optimistic hippie bru-ha-ha during the aftermath.

Date: August the 10th to the 11th, 1996.
Location: Knebworth Festival.

Are you up for it, fella? Are you mad for it? I hope so, because the brothers Gallagher played their socks off for two consecutive nights at the 1996 Knebworth Festival. Essentially their performance separated them from all other 90s rock bands and propelled them into superstardom. Having said that, though, their legendary status would ultimately cause their demise, but it's still nice to look back at a time where the only thing that mattered was the music.

Date: August the 8th, 1989.
Location: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit.

Let me hear you say it, bro! Come on, say it loud, and say it proud. No. I don't want you to say, 'F *** the Police'. That's rude, and likely to get you told off by the boys in blue. As that's what happened to the Hip Hop band,  N.W.A., amidst one of their controversial performances in Detroit. Basically the group was told to not perform this song, forcing them to employ their right to 'freedom of speech' and played it anyway. At the end of their concert a riot ensued and arrests were made. What I want you to say is...

Date: August the 30th, 1992.
Location: Reading Festival, UK.

The British Press are notorious for stirring up trouble and pissing off musicians. For example, in 1992 they labeled Nirvana's Kurt Cobain as an over-hyped druggie, not worth his weight in salt. So in defiance of his mistreatment, Kurt rolled out on stage in a wheelchair and jovially collapsed after trying to stand up. When he finally got to his feet he broke the charade and broke out into song, giving one of the best festival performances of all time. The f*** heads.

The Who
Date: August the 29th, 1970.
Location: Isle of Wight Festival, UK.

A record breaking half a million fans packed into the Isle of Wight Festival to get a glimpse of the world renowned English rockers in action. The concert kicked off at 2am and covered a number of already established hits as well as a couple of new ones. The incredible outing was documented and released as a double outing, making the historic night something you can relive as many times as you please.

Michael Jackson
Date: May the 16th, 1983.
Location: Motown 25, Pasadena, California.

Michael Jackson was no longer an artist at Motown when their 25th anniversary show came around. However, that didn’t stop him from showing up with his brothers and sisters to play a few hits from their 'Jackson 5' days before continuing on with his own solo material. Not only did he play 'Billie Jean', which was top of the charts at the time, but he also treated the studio audience to his first ever on-stage moonwalk.  Yiii-Hooooo!!!!

Date: July the 13th, 1985.
Location: Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, London.

By the early 80s it seemed that Queen had run out of steam. On the whole most of their musical sets were sandwiched in between 'trendier bands', implying that not much was expected of them when they stepped on stage at London's Wembley Arena. But as most of us know, what the audience got was an eccentric performance that completely stole the show. The crowd witnessed the renewal of the bands former legacy in a short set exploding with charisma and passion.

Vinyl: The Complete First Season is out on Blu-ray and DVD from the 6th of June, 2016, courtesy of HBO Home Entertainment.


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