Look, up into the sky. Is it a heard? Is it a drain? No, it's that ugly looking bald man who keeps on pissing off the Justice League! No, not Dan Jurgens, Tom Grummett, or Danny Miki! That other ugly looking bald man seen in this series finale! It's June, 2016, and DC Comics desperately need a shave, a close shave.

TO QUOTE Bill Maher: 'Let's face it; God has a big ego problem. Why do we always have to worship him?'.

Ever since he first showed up in Metropolis, Superman, also known as the Man Without Skill, has been in a never ending battle with the evil tycoon, Lex Luthor. But now, now that Superman is dead, dead as a door-nail -- coff-coff -- who do you think Luthor is going to play with next? And that, my friend, is precisely what's at the heart of this final issue, an issue which plays out within the confines of what seemingly feels like a personal story.

At the start of it we see Lex Luthor at the offices of the Daily Planet, asking Perry White for the dead Kryptonians cape, despite it being housed in a display case as a tribute to him.  Thankfully, the Justice League step in and tell Lex to F*** off -- or words to that effect -- which then prompts Lex to do some soul-searching elsewhere.

As you'd expect, Lex is very conflicted about Superman's demise, and wonders how this could have happened while he was off planet. In fact, he becomes so conflicted by this news, the only way he can shake it off is by confronting a gang of thieves who are attempting to mug a young lady. During the encounter Lex puts on one hell of a grand show -- bordering on the Batman-esque -- all the while his internal monologue is either justifying or juxtaposing his actions, seemingly making him appear as some sort of big-headed ego-maniac.

Well, let's face it! Lex is all about the ego. Just like many of the other super-villains cut from a similar cloth, such as the Penguin or Justin Bieber, at the heart of Lex is a man who lacks self esteem and needs praise to keep him going. Personally, I like to look on Lex as a sort of old school diva who is good at one thing yet wants to be good at everything. Not always an easy thing to do, especially if he wasn't brought up to respect the value of humility.

I also like the way in which this issue ties itself back into its central theme, asking questions such as: Who is Lex? What are his values? Why does he behave in the way he does? What made him leave Apocalypse? Etcetera-Etcetera-Etcetera! And it does so with Lex analysing, praising, and rationalizing everything he says and does, without him even noticing how it makes him come across -- as an evil pug faced b*stard -- plain and simple -- wasting away what could have been a good man rather than a man whose own narcissistic tendency's will prove his own downfall.

Now moving on to a much lighter note and I must applaud Tom Grummett for his artwork. I've loved his style of illustration ever since his days on the New Titans -- circa the late 80s, early 90s -- and have always looked forward to his wares on other such titles as the Superman books or the solo Tim Drake Robin series. Granted, to some people Tom's style could appear a bit dated. Yet to me, his crisp and clear penmanship perfectly suits this crisp and clear style of story-telling. Oh! And that reminds me. Nice one, Mister Jurgens. Good to see you around too, writing a story related to the death of a certain super-powered hero.

Now where have I heard that before? Hmmm? Superman is dead? Ha! Not for long!

Whenever heroes such as Superman or Batman are on the silver screen, they're always accompanied by their respective dark or light melodies. In Lex's case, however, what tune has he got? Of all the good songs out there which one would sum up this bad boy the best? Oh! Wait a minute. I have an idea! How about this? Take it away, Inner Circle...

After reading my review I'm sure you gathered that the Justice League hardly made an appearance in this final issue. So to me, a book that doesn't have the main characters in it is like a pirate hijacking a ship.

Comparison made. Lex the Pirate is now sailing the seven seas. Ship-Ahoy!!!!

So what have we learnt about Lex Luthor after reading this comic book? Oi! Don't answer my own rhetorical question for me, dear reader! Please allow me to answer my own rhetorical question myself... bullet point style.

So in this issue I've learnt the following ten things about Lex Luthor.

  1. He hates Superman.
  2. He loves his sister.
  3. He adores power.
  4. He has a lot of money.
  5. He looks constipated in armour.  
  6. He has an ego the size of the Daily Planet.
  7. The Justice League distrusts him.
  8. He saves money by not buying shampoo.
  9. He does an average impression of Batman.
  10. He's a w*nker.
Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #52 JUSTICE LEAGUE #52 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 11, 2016 Rating: 5

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