Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can. Browses the web, avoiding porn. Clicks on a site and gets the horn. Look out, here comes the Stan Lee man. Or in other words, stop messing about this instant and read this comic book created by Charles Soule, Goran Sudžuka, and Giuseppe Camuncoli. It's July, 2016, and a certain Marvel cartoon will never be the same again.

TO QUOTE Moises Arias: 'It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax'.

Following on from last month's adventure and this issue kicks off with Daredevil laying down a little ground work. Basically, he wants to steal a suitcase from a gang of Triads that are staying in the same casino he's in, and wants to do so with a little help from everyone's favorite wall-crawling wise-guy, Spider-man. Of course Spider-man is more than up for the challenge, despite not really knowing why Daredevil wants his help or this case.

The problem with this situation, however, is that once DD and Spidey spring into action, and take on these dastardly fiends in their own amiable way, ultimately, one of the gang manages to get away from them with the item in question. Worst still, currently they are in Macau and they need to go to Hong Kong, AKA Triad HQ, which is a glamorous location a ferry ride away, along a sparkling coast-line that's really out of this world.

Well, do a Google and see for yourself, folks! Hong Kong and it's coast-line is a lovely setting either day or night, and is particularly exotic to those of you who don't live near water or a sprawling metropolis.   

Anyway. That's enough of that. After all, this is a comic book review, not an entry in trip advisor (insert Smart Alec comment here). So yeah, as I was saying, the webbed-one and the blind-one have to travel from point A to point B and once again get their hands on that mysterious case. And do they? Yeah. Eventually they do. But when this time comes Spidey strangely turns the tables on Daredevil, snatching the case away whilst asking him three questions.

1) What's in the case?
2) Why does he want it?
3) How come he remembers his past adventures with DD, but in the same breath, not every detail of those adventures?

No. Don't worry. I won't tell you what Daredevil says in turn. No spoilers here. Although what I will say is that this was one hell of a great comic book to read. On the art front Goran does a great job at depicting a neon riddled Hong Kong, a wall-crawling Spider-man, plus everything else in between. Honestly, his clean and simple style really suits this style of clean and simple storytelling. Granted, on a conceptual level the plot-line may be a bit sparse in design --  A and B have to get C from D -- but having said that, the character beats laced throughout more than made up for this minor snag.

My personal favorite scene in the entire book was the one where Spider-man encourages Daredevil to sky-ride the hover-craft with him, inadvertently showing him that life is worth living, regardless of your mindset. I also liked the way that Spidey warned Daredevil the perils of wearing an all-black costume, as well as how he kept on referring to him as, 'one of my oldest colleagues in the super-hero biz', plus how this sentence had more meaning when he suddenly turned the tables on him.

So overall, yeah, I liked this issue of Daredevil an awful lot. The art was great. The story was simple. The characters had character. And all in all, great job. What do we have in store next?

There was a theme tune running round my head while I was reading this comic book, and just like the story itself, it was one part funny, one part different, and one part about two people trying to get their hands on something else. Yes. That's right. It was the theme tune to the Dastardly and Muttley cartoon... 'Stop the Pigeon'.

I wonder who would be who in this case? I mean, can Spider-man do a Muttley? Hehehehehehee!

I'd like to compare this month's episode of Daredevil to a briefcase. Not only because one aspect of it was centered on finding a briefcase, but on top of that, like the nature of duality itself, this hand held item has two sides to it: The outside that we all can see, plus the inside which hold the secrets within.

Ohhhhhh! Cryptic.  

There was a scene in this issue where Spider-man referred to two different movies. So for the sake of fun -- allegedly -- can you guess what those movies were out of the following eight options? Could they have been...

  1. Deep Throat and Enter the Dragon.
  2. Casino and The Color Of Money.
  3. Daredevil and Spider-Man 3.
  4. Rush Hour and Driving Ms Daisy.
  5. Oceans Eleven and Free Willy.
  6. The Godfather and Finding Dory.
  7. It's a Wonderful Life and Escape From Alcatraz.
  8. One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and Cocoon.
 Nuff said.

DAREDEVIL #9 DAREDEVIL #9 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 01, 2016 Rating: 5

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