Burt Reynolds Football Player With a massive summer of sporting activity only halfway through, it is certainly an exciting time for all go-getting enthusiasts. It's easy to see why people can become engulfed in sport and become attached to all athletes. People will often invest so much emotional energy into sports films and it is completely understandable. They might be fighting films, underdog stories, or an incredible display against the odds. But, prey tell, which films have managed to emulate sporting to the best degree?

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The Longest Yard

Of course I'm referring to the original movie. Not the remake or ‘Mean Machine’. As let’s face it, they were pretty awful! Yet the first film is an all-rounder really. It has a bit of everything: laughs, action, and it gets it’s emotional meat hook in, making you feel sorry for the inmates. Led by former Florida State star turned actor, Burt Reynolds, who plays quarterback, leading his band of prison scoundrels against some evil prison guards!

Field Of Dreams

Field of Dreams surely has enough emotional depth to make any baseball fan cry. ‘If you build it, he will come’, is one of the most famous movie quotes of all time. That said, however, it is very often misquoted. Kevin Costner completely nails his role, an Iowa farmer who plows his crops and normally goes about his business. But then, one day, he is inspired by the ghosts of former baseball players to build a pitch in the middle of his farm, putting everything in jeopardy. Will it work out or not? I think you know the answer.

Raging Bull

Not only is Raging Bull one of the greatest sports films ever made, but also simply one of the best films of a generation. Martin Scorsese really punched his name on the movie map with this one, launching himself into a whole new bracket of director, alongside the likes of Spielberg and Coppola. Robert De Niro also takes ‘the bull' by the proverbial horns and makes the role his own. He plays Jake LaMotta as a fighter who is troubled by paranoia and jealousy, which completely destroys his life outside of the ring.


Possibly a controversial choice, I know, but for many footballers across the world Goal is one of those flicks which will sting the heart. It has some great camerawork, and gets real life football pros Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard involved. Essentially, the story evolves around a young Mexican lad who must make it in England by making it with Newcastle United FC. He certainly has the talent but does he have the guts and mental strength? Or will he just be like England and become the sick man of Europe?

Happy Gilmore

This is Adam Sandler at his best, and a brilliant Happy Madison production. He definitely has his niche wrapped up in Happy Gilmore. The film tells the tale of a young man named Happy who wants to be a professional hockey player, yet simply he just isn’t good enough. He then accidentally stumbles onto Golf, whilst trying to save his grandmother’s house from being repossessed. Despite not wanting to be a golfer, he finds out that he is. It’s a fantastic bag of laughs and is a traditional Sandler film. Happy is a decent guy just trying to do the right thing, and Silly Sandler brings his traditional lazy approach to the role.

Now I know there are a lot of other sports film's I've left out of my list, films such as Rocky, Caddyshack, White Men Can't Jump, Victory, etc-etc-etc. So go ahead, inform me. Let me know what you think I should have included. It's always great to hear from you.  


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