Comic Book Robber Have you ever wondered which comic books are the most valuable? Or how about, which editions have appreciated the most since they were published? What characters are worth the most, and how do publishers stack up against one another in terms of price increases? If so, then please, wonder no more. Thanks to Go Compares new comic book comparison page, Comic Gains, you can now see what comic is worth the most, and which ain't worth a dime.

With the recent release of the new Suicide Squad film, HELL YEAH!, you'd might like to know that the first ever edition of the Suicide Squad comic book is now worth a staggering £6,000! It has seen a price increase of 549% since it was first published, circa 1959, and in the last 3 and a half years (around the same time the film was first announced) it has gone up in price by a mind-blowing 233%.

First Appearance Of Suicide Squad
The Brave and the Bold #25
When we consider high-return investment opportunities we would be forgiven for overlooking comic books -- but hey, they're actually like a fine wine -- they only get better and more valuable with age. Nonetheless, the question remains: Just how much does the value of a comic book appreciate throughout the years? Do certain publishers appreciate or depreciate quicker? Do characters impact price increases? Well, would you be surprised to hear that some editions are now worth more than other investments and have appreciated in value at a quicker rate. 

Recently, Go Compare have worked alongside comic book expert, Duncan McAlpine, of The Comic Book Price Guide, to create Comic Gains: a fully interactive piece that highlights the price gains of some of the comic book world's most groundbreaking comics and notable superheroes, benchmarking them against other commodities such as S&P shares and, shock-horror, gold, and I don't mean Booster Gold. It's fully interactive (see below), doubling up as two things:

  1. To offer you a real perspective it shows you just how much more of a sound investment comic books would have been verses gold or the S&P. There are graphs that illustrate the increases in price for specific publishers, characters, and we can see the current value.
  2. For comic fans, we can see which characters and publishers are now worth more, and which have appreciated fastest against some of the world's most expensive commodities. 
Comic Price Guide
Comic Price Guide
It also details incredible things such as:

  1. The current price of these astronomically valuable comic books compared with their original prices. 
  2. The rapid and eye-watering rate of high appreciation of them benchmarked against gold and the S&P to illustrate the sheer size of investment. 
Assuming the comics are kept in near mint condition, prices were determined assuming that comics were a 9.2 grade,  and that 10 cent comic books from 1938 could now be worth millions. To see exactly what I'm talking about please check out what follows. As I said before it's called Comic Gains and it's one hell of a useful tool.  


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