SuperheroesWith an epic selection of superhero movies hitting the silver screen this summer, have decided to hold a survey asking people such questions as, what's your favorite superpower, who is your favorite hero / villain, plus what abilities do you think the human race will manifest in the future?

From this, they have gathered that the top ten most-wanted superpowers cover a mixture of both physical and mental abilities. However, the UK clearly values brawn over brains, with 85% favoring physical powers over mental ones.

Made famous by the Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman, Invisibility comes in at first place (15.15%), Wolverine's ability to heal comes in at a close second (14.5%), Doctor Strange’s forte, time travel, takes the third spot (13.8%), Superman’s usual pastime, flying, is in at fourth (11.9%), and the bane of Deadpool’s existence, immortality, takes fifth place (8.55%).

The survey also shows that we believe we are a race of mutants in the making. The top five superpowers predicted to evolve in the future were cited as mind control (17.6%), communicating with animals (15.5%), healing (14.9%), telepathy (14.8%), as well as weather manipulation (13.45%).

Something else that also came out of this was an answer to an age-old debate: Who is the greatest superhero of all-time? Surprisingly Superman flies in on top (37%), with long-time rival Batman swooping in to take second place (32%), and Spider-man snagging third (22%). Funnily enough, Batman’s nemeses dominate the super-villain rankings, with The Joker (45%), The Penguin (22%), and The Riddler (20%) taking the top three spots. Here, check this out for the full findings of this survey.

DC HeroesTop 10 most-wanted superpowers:
  1. Invisibility (15.15%)
  2. Healing (14.5%)
  3. Time travel (13.8%)
  4. Flying (11.9%)
  5. Immortality (8.55%)
  6. Teleportation (6.55%)
  7. Communicating with animals (6.2%)
  8. Mind control (5.15%)
  9. Telepathy (2.45%)
  10. Superhuman strength (2%)

Future-humans: The top 5 abilities people predict will evolve in the future:
  1. Mind control (17.6%)
  2. Communicating with animals (15.5%)
  3. Healing (14.9%)
  4. Telepathy (14.8%)
  5. Weather manipulation (13.45%)

Marvel HeroesBody vs brain: The most popular superpowers overall are:
  • 85% physical 
  • 15% mental

Top five favorite superheroes:
  1. Superman (37%)
  2. Batman (32%)
  3. Spiderman (22%)
  4. Wonder Woman (17%)
  5. Iron Man / The Hulk (tied, 13%)

Top five favorite super-villains:
  1. The Joker (45%)
  2. The Penguin (22%)
  3. The Riddler (20%)
  4. Lex Luther (19.9%)
  5. Catwoman (16%)


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