Poison Ivy To many of you out there the idea of a perfect-partner is someone who's tall, pretty, smart, and down to earth in more ways than one. You know, a regular Rita Hayworth or Brad Pitt for the now generation! Just someone who, in real terms, has a glamorous yet natural physical manifestation that is both beautiful on the inside and out.

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That said, however, sometimes the ideal person can also be ideally perverse. They can be tall, pretty, and smart, yet lack that certain something which will allow them to connect to other people around them. One such example of this can be summed up in a comic book character who's celebrated her 50th birthday this year.  In June, 1966, Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff created the Batman villain, Poison Ivy, an eco-terrorist who's evolved so much over the years, the only way to re-imagine her growth is to do it in pictorial form.

But before you check out the following infographic created by CostumeDiscounters.Com, please allow me to tell you a quick story about my own run-in with the lady in question.

Poison Ivy
A few years back, me and a few mates attended a comic book convention held in London, England, with the intent of buying a really old comic book at a really cheap price. Problem was, that when I arrived there I got side-tracked by the sight of a gaggle of cosplayers parading the floors. Among the bunch was a very pleasant looking lady dressed up as, surprise-surprise, Poison Ivy, and so with me being a somewhat happy comic book chappy, I thought it would be a nice idea to go up to her and say something funny.

The first thing I came out with I thought was a real doozy: 'You know the problem with grapes these days? People just aren't raising them right, unlike you!'. But no, I got nothing, not even a smile. So to amp it up a bit, the next thing I said was, coff-coff, 'enhanced' with my usual South London swagger: 'When kissing flowers, I find tulips are better than one'. But again, no, nothing, nothing but a turn of her head and an arch of her brow. So, frustrated with her nonchalant attitude, I thought the best thing to do was to leave her with a right humdinger: 'What's the difference between you and a tree? I leaf a tree happy. See ya!'.

And on that note, here, check this out...

Costume Discounters

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