Jack Reacher Set to be released on the 21st of October, 2016, the long wait for this new Jack Reacher movie is finally over. Having made a name for itself as a major international movie series, the Jack Reacher movies have gained a substantial following since it's initial release, four years ago. It would not be insightful to claim that all the fans are from the first movie alone. Oh no! The novels upon which the movies are based are also highly popular in their own right.

Like in the first cinematic offering from the Jack Reacher series, Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher. In the sequel Reacher is trying to prove the innocence of his old boss in the army, Major Susan Turner, played by Cobie Smulders, who is accused of treason. Again, it is up to the former military man to uncover the truth, and do it in his own amiable style.

As you'd expect, the story takes some really interesting twists and turns which we will not talk about lest we spoil the movie for Jack Reacher fans. What we can safely divulge, however, is that this time around our hero will find himself in a sticky situation with the law. Oh, and there is a government cover-up too. Best not forget that. 

Jack Reacher
So come on, prepare yourself for some intense action scenes and the type of suspense you can only get at something like online casinos. You can play online casino games at casinouk, such as the Hitman Agent 47 and Game of Thrones brand of gaming. So with every roll off the dice, spin off the reels, or new hand dealt, you can keep guessing what the outcome is going to be. This, my friend, is exactly the same for the movie. The gross budget for the Never Go Back movie was $90 million, US, which is a fairly sizable budget for a Hollywood blockbuster. 

Now it's anyone's guess whether the Edward Zwick directed flick will surpass its predecessor in box office takings. But what I can say, is that the performance of the first Jack Reacher movie by director Christopher McQuarrie was satisfactory enough to warrant a sequel to be made. Will this movie get us to the third installment in the thrilling Jack Reacher series? If the trailers and the hype about the movie are anything to go by, Never Going Back might surpass the first movie in revenue collected and popularity gained.

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