Han Solo Considering the amount of money invested in producing a TV show or a major Hollywood movie, you'd think it would seem impossible for accidents to happen on set while filming. This is even harder to comprehend when you take into account the constant pampering actors, actresses, and big stars get, twenty-four seven. But believe it or not, yes, accidents do happen. No matter how good a stunt man is, they're constantly in danger, doing incredibly dangerous things normal people don't normally do. So which stars have suffered the most and have they all taken it in their stride?

Hollywood films might depict violence and action from the safety of a film set, yet notoriously they are always prone to accidents. It’s more surprising than you might think, with 20 to 40 people injured or sometimes even killed on set during film productions each year. Most commonly these involve falls, fight sequences, trips, and slips, with serious fatalities coming from helicopter accidents. So it is essential that directors are health and safety competent in order to deal with these issues. There's also fears that films with a smaller budget are under reporting, with most incidents not even being recognized. So, you have to ask yourself, which stars have had it the worst?

Dylan O’Brien

One of the more recent Hollywood A-listers to take a hit whilst filming is none other than Dylan O'Brien! Reportedly, the Teen Wolf star suffered lacerations to the face and was concussed, due to him getting himself caught under a car, whilst harnessed up. His injuries were said to be so severe that filming for the Maze Runner Part 3 had to be pushed back for a whole year. However, the star of the show seemed to be able to walk it off, posting pictures of himself on social media before declaring that they would be filming in no time.

Viggo Mortensen

Even though The Lord of The Rings completely catapulted Viggo into a whole new level of stardom, not everything went as smoothly as it seemed. During filming for the second movie, Mortensen broke a couple of toes whilst kicking a model orc head. At the time his character was venting out frustration by lashing out at the head in question. Problem was, his foot took the brunt of the kick and he screamed out in pain for his folly. Unsurprisingly, his screams of pain were so convincing director Peter Jackson decided to include it into the final cut.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has reportedly broken every single bone in his body, twice, whilst making movies. As a full on martial arts star there is simply no holding Jackie back. Not only does he perform all of his own stunts, but on top of that, there's no surprise that he has suffered all of his own injuries. One of the most dangerous injuries he ever received was during the filming of Armour of God. Chan was performing a relatively modest action sequence, jumping from one tree to a ledge, before it snapped, leaving the actor with a fractured skull. Ouch! That must have hurt.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford’s injury is perhaps one of the most well known injuries in today's Hollywood. The Indiana Jones star ended up having a nasty leg break whilst filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, it wasn’t all that bad for the Blade Runner actor, as he received a massive $18 million-dollar pay-out for having his leg crushed by a hydraulic door, with the court’s hearing that things could have been even worse.

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds is arguably one of the biggest stars of his generation. But unfortunately for him his career took a turn for the worst when an on-set accident saw his acting life set back by around two years. While filming the buddy-comedy, City Heat, co-starring Clint Eastwood, Reynolds was due to go through a fight sequence, where it would finish with him being hit by a chair. However, instead of a prop chair being used Reynolds ended up being clocked in the jaw by a metal chair. Safe to say Reynolds didn’t feel like acting much after that.

Now I know there are plenty of other actors who've been missed off of this list, as accidents occur regularly during shooting. But in terms of A-listers who've felt the force of bad health and safety, surely these are the actors to have suffered the most.


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