Playster Within recent years it's become very popular for people to download media and then play it on a mobile or hand-held device. Be it a book, a movie, a piece of music, or dare I say it, a game of some description, time and time again the basic notion of swiping something from the inter-web and then plonking it onto a small computer-thingy has become trendy, fashionable, and to a certain extent, more commonplace than most people would like to admit. Why is that though? What possible reasons could society have to turn their backs away from the old methods so they can embrace this new mobile-fangled age? I have a pretty good idea. Here, check this out.

Time 1) You Can Save Time

Now I know this may sound like a fairly obvious observation, but once upon a time we all had to get up, get washed, get dressed, and physically go outside to get whatever it is that we wanted to get. Heck, I can remember a time when going to the shops with my family was a weekly occurrence. Every Saturday me, my Mum, and my older brother Jay, would trundle down the road with a shopping trolley, hoping that my Mum wouldn't take too long filling it up so we could trundle it back again. More often than not, no, my Mum would take her own sweet time, regardless of what the weather was like or if one of us was ill. Now though, ha, sod shopping, I get everything I need online. Especially if it's a piece of music for me to play on my phone.

Moving Home
2) You Can Save Space

Talking about music, my Mum's brother, Uncle George, has a very large record and movie collection. In fact, his collection is so extensive, both he and his family have had to move houses three times so they could accommodate all of his stuff. Never mention this to his wife though. According to Aunt Sylvie, she likes moving houses because it keeps their relationship fresh and vibrant. Ha! Yeah! Right! Their relationship is as fresh and vibrant as the cast of the Walking Dead once everyone is dead. Come to think of it, maybe this is why Uncle George has such a great collection of horror films? But then again, so do I, care of an app I downloaded called Playster.

Easy Like Sunday Morning
3) It's Easy To Do

As I'm on the subject of Playster, quite recently I've been using their app more often than usual. Not only because it has an extensive back-catalog on offer, ranging from films, books, audiobooks, and music, but on top of that, this app is also really easy to use. All you have to do is navigate through their simple menu system and then watch, listen, or read, well, to whatever it is that you want to watch, listen, or read! As of late I've been going through their comic book section, reading everything they have by Garth Ennis, one of my all-time favorite authors.

Train Trip
4) It's Portable

Case in point, last week I had to travel to Scotland so I could interview an actor for my site. The thing is, to get to Scotland from where I live, London, its about a six and a half hour train journey, door to door. So for me, I had about six and a half hours to watch a movie, read a book, and listen to some music, all thanks to my handy portable phone and the ever loving Playster. When I eventually arrived at Scotland I was happy for the distraction, simply because the actor I had to speak to had a very pronounced, uhhh, Glaswegian accent. Och-Ei-Mi-Click!

Charlie Chaplin
5) It Can Preserve Legacies

While I was talking to my Scottish friend, a subject came up that I could easily identify with: Legacy, as well as the concept of preserving one's own personal history. I mean, did you know that a lot of the work done by such great acting legends as Buster Keaton, Spike Milligan, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, etc-etc-etc, have been ravaged away by the realities of time? Back in the day the celluloid used to capture performers had a limited life expectancy due to the corrosive properties found in its material. So don't you think it's a shame they weren't preserved like all of the media found on Playster? I do. I think it's a bloody shame, and I hope we all keep up with the trend of using these apps for the sake of preservation if nothing else. 

Now if you want to know any more information about Playster, please feel free to click on over to their website, twitter, or facebook pages. Or alternatively, download their iOS or Android versions, then click here for a one month free trial.


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