Geek Fuel Firefly Box Are you the type of freak that's as chic as a priceless antique? Or better yet, do you have the diction to get into a monthly subscription? Well, if your answer to either of these two questions is a resounding yes, then please stand back, praise whatever deity you worship, and get ready to be introduced to a service you're bound to love...

A couple of week's ago I was contacted by a lovely lady called Allison. 'Hello, kind sir, out of curiosity, are you interested in reviewing one of our products?', she asked. 'Sure', I gleefully replied, before concluding my statement with, 'But only if it involves some form of nudity'.

Now after a rather lengthy discussion in which I apologized, backtracked on what I just said, and of course, tried to lubricate these proceedings to the best of my ability, eventually the two of us were able to make an agreement which involved me reviewing Allison's product as soon as she gave it to me. Or to be more specific about it, a product that comprised a collection of products, each housed in a monthly subscription service called Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel Firefly BoxFor those of you who are unfamiliar with Geek Fuel, please allow me to explain to you what it's all about. First off, you have to click onto their site and select one of four price plans: a one month price plan, a three month price plan, a six month price plan, and finally a yearly price plan. Once selected, what happens next is that you tell Geek Fuel what you're interests are, what size shirt you wear, plus other little details that'll follow onto phrase three. 'And what is phrase three?', I hear you cry. Well, phrase three is where the good stuff comes out to play. It's where you get a box of items posted to you based on what you selected as well as the duration you selected it for. 

So annually you'd get a box of themed gifts, totaling at least $50 each box, a lot less than you pay via your subscription, with each theme based on such geek related brands as comic books, movies, video games, TV shows, or anything else defined under the banner of geek culture. These gift boxes will comprise a number of item's that may include household goods, toys and collectibles, wearables, every day essentials, downloadable video games, comic books, plus a special bonus item too.

Geek Fuel Firefly Box
So what did I get? I got a box of goodies based upon the TV show, Firefly, which included...
  1. A Funky Firefly T-Shirt: Now unlike a lot of other t-shirts I usually sling on myself, this one is really dynamic looking and truly comfortable to wear. Honest to Pluto, this comfy garment took me by surprise for its quality alone, as it was a lot better than I initially expected. 
  2. Doc Of The Dead Gummy Brains: Burrrrpp! Gulp. Yep. Those were tasty. And it didn't even bother me that they looked like brains. Hey! They might do me some good, eh?
  3. Luckslinger Lucky Dice: I'm sure these two chunky wooden dice will come in handy the next time I play a board-game with my family. I best make sure I don't loose them to my cousin Jimmy though. Heck, that trickster would shoot me on the spot for these bold beauty's. 
  4. A Downloadable Game: Talking about shooting, the downloadable steam game this month is called Luckslinger: A Fistful Of Fortune (just like the dice), and you play the game by controlling a cowboy who shoots, jumps, and slaps anyone who'd dare darken his path, Bang-Bang! 
  5. A Dragon Egg: Another surprise I got from the box was a glowing green egg. No. Not a real one. A porcelain one (with changeable lids), which I now use to place my toothbrush in (picture provided). 
  6. Geek Fuel Magazine: Well, this is pretty self explanatory! Geek Fuel Magazine tells you what you've got as well as a bit more on the Firefly franchise. Good stuff!
  7. The Bonus Item: Part of the Horror Collectibles Range includes a little Jason action figure based on the Friday the 13th film franchise. It's a good little action figure, and much better than Freddie.  

Now if you want to know more about Geek Fuel please click on the banners or links provided. Trust me, you won't be disappointed if you do. 

GEEK FUEL - WHAT'S IN THE BOX? GEEK FUEL - WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Reviewed by David Andrews on November 25, 2016 Rating: 5

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