Lego Office Party Jingle Bells. Superman smells. Wonder Woman looks Okay. Oh what fun it is to hide in a Bat Cave made of clay. Oh, Jingle Bells. Orson Welles. No harm being gay. Just as long as you're up at 6 because tomorrows another work day. Running through the snow, like a man who's ready to crash. Knee deep in debt and woe, desperately needing the cash. So what can one man do, to keep things half a float? I got a pretty good idea, why don't I just shut my boat. SLAP!

Now if you want to know what I mean by any of this, please, sit back, take a deep breath, and try to take in the following scenario.

Picture the scene: One day, a man sitting by his desk at work receives the news that his department is going to throw they're annual Christmas Party. Panic stricken, the man suddenly starts to wonder what it would be like to interact with his colleagues out of work hours. I mean, should he tell anybody about his fixation to Lego? Should he bring along with him his usual tipple, Beetroot Wine? And what about his attire? His mannerisms? His pet sloth? His lustful urges towards Doris from the canteen? What should he do? What should he say? How should he behave? And most importantly of them all, why is he asking himself these questions if he's already been to one of these, uhh, work thingies?

Christmas Party
Christmas is creeping closer to all of us by the day, and as per usual, it brings along with it the habitual and sometimes rather grueling Yuletide joy and merriment. I'm sure you know the type of thing I'm referring to. Presents. Meeting family members. Calling an old mate up on the phone. Sending Christmas cards to people we don't speak to and never will. And of course, as I just mentioned, the obligatory office work party.

I can see it now: Standing over in the corner is Phil from accounts, picking his nose while looking down Liz's blouse. Liz, on the other hand, is trying her best to stay sober just in case she makes a pass at any man with a heart-rate and a pulse. And that, obviously, brings us right back to the man I just alluded to: A man sitting by his desk at work who previously received the news that his, well, you know the score! He needs help,  a lot of help, and thankfully Morph Suits has provided an infographic that may do just the trick. And if that doesn't work, it's backed up by a clip from a film that, ironically enough, is about an Office Christmas Party. Here, check this out...

Office Faux Par At Christmas


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