UNSUNG HEROES - HEATHER ROYALE POSES FOR THE CAMERA For those of you who haven't watched 'Unsung Heroes' yet, let me just say that this comedy webseries is about a group of superheroes with some very specific character flaws. For instance, Phoenix Black is only able to use his powers when music is playing in the background. Where as someone like Heather Royale, on the other hand, is basically a good person but a compulsive thief as well.

Now don't get me wrong. She is a very charming lady with a very sassy attitude, plus she also knows how to come up with some really biting catch-phrases. Yet the thing is, she can't help but give in to her baser urges, urges which compel her to compulsively pick-pockets rather than noses.

UNSUNG HEROES - HEATHER ROYALE POSES FOR THE CAMERAAs I'm on the subject of Heather,  I must applaud the phenomenal job Frankie Lapace did at playing her for the show. Along with Tracy King, who played the victimized woman, the two of them really hit their stride throughout the course of filming, what with Frankie and his belief in making “her” a likeable person, whilst delivering on the physical portrayal of the superhero persona. Even the nuance of Heather's model poses to the camera was both hysterical and believable for a drag queen superhero. Tracy was perfection on screen as well, and I must say her deliverance of a woman just having an incredibly bad day was right on the money (pun intended).

Another exciting thing about this episode is the fact that it features another member of the Unsung Heroes. Yes. That's right. It's none other than little not-old me, Phoenix Black (I'm trying my best to be impartial here), which gives the audience their first opportunity to see one of the other heroes from the gang. By doing so, this widens the fictional universe that the cast and crew put their precious time into creating. Since episodes two through six are taking place on the exact same day -- namely, in the past -- we wanted the woman / victim and the mugger to be the driving force between these episodes, linking them together as a sort of narrative thread, so to speak.

UNSUNG HEROES - HEATHER ROYALE POSES FOR THE CAMERAOn the whole this day was a particularly difficult day for Justin Salzman, who portrayed the mugger, as this was the hottest day of the summer! The mugger is wearing a sweatshirt, jeans, and a ski-mask, while running around in 100 degree heat. On top of that, he is continuously being thrown down to the ground, take after take, until finally everything came together and seemed good to move on.

Now episodes two through six were all filmed on the same day, so this poor actor had to be filmed in multiple scenes that day, again and again, in that very hot costume no-less. The funniest part for me was the best part for him: how his butt looked on camera as he ran away from Heather Royale, Ha! Here, check it out for yourself and tell me what you think: Episode Three of Unsung Heroes -- Introducing Heather Royale.  

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