Weird Science Quite recently I've been hearing a lot of people moaning about the movies which have come out of Hollywood. 'Why don't they try to create something new and original?', one person said to me, followed by, 'How come their slew of reboots don't seem to cut the mustard?'. Well, I do have an answer for each of these questions, and I'm afraid to say that some of you might not like hearing the answers.

As some of you may know, the problem with Hollywood boils down to us, the audience, as they want to keep us happy, and to do so they think they are giving us something we want. And what do we want? Nostalgic entertainment. Something to take us back to happier days where people were less stressful and mobile phones weighed a ton. Admittedly, certain films are targeted at a certain demographic, primarily those people who were brought up in the eighties and nineties, although, in the same breath, this is not to say that the younger generation hasn't been targeted as well.

Take the most recent Ghostbusters film, for instance, the one with the all-female cast which has a hate hard-on for the male gender. Now, in simple terms, this film is the type of film which should conceptually appease both generations at the same time. On the one hand, it's harking back to an earlier era which some of us can associate with, whilst on the other, it's giving us a new message that should, in theory, connect with a much more pliable audience. 

Problem was, the film was too in-your-face, preachy, and overt, inadvertently making it into one of the most hated films in recent years. It's a shame really, because I would have loved to have seen this film in a more tempered form, or should I say, natural form, which didn't feel the need to appease us with a number of pointless cameos, a plot-line that felt more like a set-up than an actual story-line, plus jokes that sounded flatter than a pancake stood on by an elephant. 

Another factor we have to consider in this filmic equation relies heavily on people's creative spirits. I mean, if we, the audience, want to see something new, what lengths are we willing to go through to prove this point? Would we collectively shun or support a film for the sake of newness? Or for that matter, could we justify a creators vision regardless of their intent?

In the past, directors like Scorsese, Spielberg, and Coppola, have openly admitted to borrowing some of their ideas from directors like Ford, Kurosawa, and Kubrick. In the more modern era, however, directors have taken their inspirations from other people's inspirations, without any real forethought or knowledge as to why they wanted to do so in the first place.

Marx Brothers
Additionally, the increased quality of television and the age of actors are two other factors to add into this filmic mix. Where TV shows are concerned, gone are the days where soap operas, dramas, and quizzes are nothing more than two-dimensional facsimiles of their movie brethren, and here to stay are slick, well-polished productions that, rightfully so, deserve their place in entertainment history. In addition to this, actors, directors, and some of the technical staff have also had a rough transition over the years, especially where age is concerned. Did you know that the legendary Groucho Marx was in his 40s when he made his first screen appearance? Nowadays that is unheard of, primarily because the people behind Hollywood has this strange ethos that younger means better, which, as we all know, isn't the case.

So, what I'm trying to get at here, is that we, the film-going public of the world, need to show Hollywood what we want from our movies with actions, reasoned actions, and not inane words. Tweets of hate do just that, spread hate, and none of us want that. We want good films, amazing films, films that we thought were once original but now know them to be just solid and entertaining. To quote a man I have forgotten the name of, 'You can never un-see something you've seen for the first time. Once you've seen it, that's your first, even though it could be someone else's second or third'. Here, check out this infographic provided for us by Morph Suits for another trip down memory lane.

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