Cat's At The Movies Did you know that one of the most popular furry animals on the internet, excluding Mandy Moore's monkey, Lindsay Lohan's lama, Amy Adams's armadillo, and Kim Kardashian's cuuuu.... uhhh... is camel a dirty word? Never mind. As I was saying, the most popular furry animal on the internet is... a cat. Yes. I said a cat. A marvelous moggy which you'll be able to see in the new film, Nine Lives, ready for release on digital download, Blu-ray, and DVD from the 12th of December, 2016. So to celebrate this release, here, check out the following selection of movies starring everyone's favorite feline friends!

Mister Fuzzypants from Nine Lives

In this film, Kevin Spacey plays a billionaire businessman called Tom Brand, who for reasons of his own has lost touch with those nearest and dearest to him. Then one day, by accident, he sees himself magically trapped inside the body of his daughter’s new cat, Mr. Fuzzypants, and so he must find a way to reconnect with his family through other means. However, adjusting to his new body isn't as easy as it seems, and eventually Tom finds himself in a series of hilarious predicaments he tries desperately to overcome.

Bagheera from The Jungle Book

Without a shadow of a doubt, Bagheera possesses all of the best traits any cat would love to possess. He's wise. He's dedicated. He has very silky fur. And most notably of them all, Bagheera was voiced by Sebastian Cabot and Ben Kingsley in two 'Jungle Book' films developed by Disney: first in the 1967 animated version, and second in the recent re-imagined CGI live action remake, circa 2016. Essentially he acts as a guide and a protector for Mowgli, the mischievous human child he rescues and helps raise from an infant. But ultimately he decides to set him free, to grow up, to become a man, without getting strangled by snakes, trod on by elephants, or clawed to death by tigers. You know, the usual things you'd find in a jungle.

Top Cat

Originally adapted from the popular 1960s TV show starring Phil Silvers, entitled Sergeant Bilko, Top Cat is a 1960s cartoon and a 2011 film, both which sees a yellow-hued wise-cracking cat take control of a group of alley cats whose main adversary is the local cop that continually tries to evict them. In the film version TC's adventures involve him and his friends combating the Police Chief’s nefarious attempts at framing him for stealing money from an orphanage. But of course, he isn't about to allow that to happen, is he? Not if Officer Dibble has anything to say about it!

The Cats from The Aristocats

Set in the 1920s, this Disney classic follows a family of aristocratic cats who are kidnapped by their owner’s butler with the hope of stealing the fortune they're meant to inherit. After being abandoned in the countryside, far out, in the middle of nowhere, this feline family begin to journey back home again with the aid of an alley cat named Thomas O’Malley. Along the way they visit Paris and meet O’Malley’s musical friend, Scat Cat, the trumpet playing leader of a feline jazz band; as well as the butler, who once again tries to get rid of them, by deporting them all the way over to Timbuktu.

Puss in Boots from Shrek

Puss in Boots is a character that's rooted in an old Italian fairy tale about a low born cat who uses trickery and wit to gain power and wealth. Popularized by the animated film franchise, Shrek, Puss offers him his aid as Shrek pursues his true love, Fiona, against the forces that seek to rip the two of them apart. Most recently the character of Puss was voiced by Chris Miller in the Dreamworks animated production, Puss in Boots, a prequel spin-off of Shrek, which has since captured the imaginations of many artists and animal lovers alike.


Initially published in a 1970s American comic strip created by Jim Davis, Garfield, the cartoon and the character, has become a well-known cultural icon, notorious for being lazy, loving coffee, hating Mondays, and eating lasagna. In 2004 he made his silver screen debut in the CGI enhanced animated adventure, Garfield: The Movie, which has adapted many of the comic strip characters who follow him as he struggles to adjust to his new house-guest, Odie. Yes. You remember Odie, don't you? He's that, spit-spit-spit, dog, Garfield loves to hate, emphasis on HATE. But one day when Garfield discovers that Odie has been kidnapped, ouch, let the pussy parade begin!!!!

Nine Lives is available on digital download, Blu-ray, and DVD from the 12th of December, 2016. 


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