Man Walking Down The Road As the man in the trench coat walks along the lonely street he notices that something nearby is strangely amiss. At first, he puts this down to either a stray cat pining, a gruff dog moaning, or the ruffling of the autumn trees. Yet as time ticks on, tick by tick, and the feeling of dread starts to build up inside him, scratch-scratch-scratch, the man in the trench coat gets ever so concerned for his own safety.

'Who's there?', he calls out timorously, before leaning forward, hoping that this new perspective will give him a new view on things. But no. It doesn't. The only thing it seems to do is to highlight that something is wrong, very-very wrong. What that particular something is, well, that's anyone's guess, even his own. Although the one thing he can put his finger on, his gloved finger, as the weather is so stiflingly cold, is that someone is near him, someone is stalking his every move, and they, whoever they may be, have been doing this ever since he left his house, half an hour ago.

'OK. Have things your way!', the man in the trench coat groans somewhat reluctantly. 'I know when someone is trying to put the frighteners on me', he continues, 'but trust me, pal, it's not working, not one little bit'. 

ZombieProblem is, he doesn't believe his own words. He would like to, of course he would. Yet he knows something is wrong, something sinister. Maybe this person stalking him is none other than Caroline, sweet and innocent Caroline, as he did cheat on her with her best friend, Sally, one dark and sordid night at the back of Marco's bar. Then again, maybe it's Marco who's trying to creep up on him? And if not Marco, maybe one of his henchmen, the one he hired to track him down after that shady business in the Marshes?

'Marshes', the man in the trench coat solemnly says to himself, almost as if that word could conjure up all sorts of visual imagery, imagery like dead bodies, disheveled poses, blood, gore, guts, and greed... you know... the usual type of things the man in the trench coat gets up to on his day off. 

A moment later he walks on over to his car parked by the side of the road, a very nice car he rented a couple of days ago from a company called Select Car Leasing. But suddenly, before the man in the trench coat can open the door, from out of nowhere he is swarmed by an army of the walking dead, otherwise known as zombies

What should he do? How should he behave? Should he run, fight, or better yet, get into his car and drive away? 'Yes, that's it', he quickly murmurs to himself, 'I'll get into my car, my lovely-lovely car, and with a little luck, I'll be able to get away from these things as fast as I can slap a squirrel'. But will he be able to do this? I suppose this all depends on the type of car he's driving. Here, check out the following infographic to see what car would be most appropriate for this sort of occasion... Walking Dead style.

The Driving Dead


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