Batman Vs Spider-Man Between summer blockbusters and the next season of their favorite comic book TV adaptation, diehard fans get their superhero fixes on their phones. If you are a superhero fanatic and an avid gamer, here are the top five android games to save your day:

1) Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited's cartoonish art design makes the game feel like an actual comic. Players assume the identity of Peter Parker and take on different missions that revolve around acquiring specified items or defeating a villain. You can level up gradually by playing the storyline or quickly with the endless mode. If you achieve a high enough level you unlock alternate dimension Spider-Man characters. Throughout the game, you use the standard screen swipe to navigate but will need to tap quickly to punch and kick, tilt your phone to climb walls, and hold-release to sling and swing webs. You have to think and move fast to keep up with this mobile game, so give yourself some space when playing.

2) MARVEL Contest of Champions

Also a tap and swipe configuration fighter game, MARVEL Contest of Champions gives you the option to play as a single character, earn additional characters to compete with you, or even connect with other players online to form an alliance against evil. The plotline is set up to play out in storyboard form so, like Spider-Man Unlimited, the game has a comic book feel. In addition to the central fighting sequences, players are also presented with quests to complete, so the game doesn't grow stale. Players with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which comes equipped with this game and others in Samsung's Galaxy Game Pack, will have the best mobile gaming experience.

3) Sentinels of the Multiverse

Termed a "cooperative" game and developed from the board game of the same name, Sentinels of the Multiverse lets you manage an entire team of heroes as a single player or "cooperate" in multiplayer mode with others online. There are four environments in which 10 heroes face four villains, one card at a time. Though on the surface it may look easy, each card is unique. Every hero, villain, and environment comes with a host of variables, so play requires strategic planning. For an additional fee, players can add expansion packs.

4) Thor: The Dark World

Based on the movie of the same name, Thor TDW offers diverse, three-to-five-minute missions that enable you to either free Asgard's warriors to join you as you go, or summon new ones every few seconds. Summon various Einherjar, level up Thor and his army, unlock necessary tools, and gain enhanced powers as you rid the universe of the nefarious Dark Elves.

5) Batman: Arkham Origins

The Dark Knight takes on Gotham's most lethal thugs and assassins in this NetherRealm Studios fighter game. Players can earn rewards and game currency as the masked avenger, fighting crime throughout the most notorious locales in the city. By collecting belts, capes, batarangs, and armor you can unlock a slew of Batsuit skins that are only available in the mobile game. If you connect your mobile game to the console version of Batman: Arkham Origins, even more exclusive loot becomes available to you.

If you need a superhero fix while on the go, these Android apps won't disappoint. Defend truth and justice and defeat the forces of evil from your phone.


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