Atlantis: The Last Survivor Way back in 2013, I had the good fortune of interviewing the writer, Arin Leviti, about his amazing science fiction based comic book, 'Atlantis: The Last Survivor'. Since then, Arin has gone on to publish his series on comixology, doing so while spreading his love to the masses. Luckily for us, he now wants to share some of that love by giving us five reasons for buying a copy. So when you have the time, here, check this out.

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1) Atlantis is THE ORIGINAL dystopian legend:   These days nothing can be more relatable than a story about a society that has managed to get so far away from spirituality and nature, that even their gods decided they're having none of it, peace out, let's go to bed. So reading this book will be a cathartic experience and I'm sure it'll do you good.

Atlantis: The Last Survivor2) Atlantis is for sci-fi lovers that appreciate a good balance of plot, action, and complex characters:   Do you value originality? Would you like to see a refreshing rendition of the myth of Atlantis like you've never seen before? If so, then what are you waiting for? Armageddon? It's already here!

3) Atlantis is a story for our generation:   Essentially the story evolves around a couple of outsiders who can't make sense of what is going on in the world around them. They know that the clock is ticking, and that unity is the only key to survival. Heck, even if their star crossed love is all they have, they still believe they can make a difference.

4) Supporting great indie work is like buying organic manna from the heavens:   Come on, let's face it, you know it will pay off one day. Buying this comic today will help us produce more tomorrow. Besides, the script is finished and we need to spread the message and make it grow. Like Macklemore shopping at the thrift store said, 'It is 99cents!'.

5) Giuseppe is a great artist and his talent is simply awesome:   If you look at his work, it's no surprise that Giuseppe Cafaro is working for DC right now, namely, on the Suicide Squad comic book. Plus on another brilliant note, the creative mastermind who wrote this story (i.e. me), also wrote and co-directed this...

More Information About Arin Leviti.
Arin was born and raised in a small town in the middle of the Italian alps, which is where he also attended university. A few years later he moved to London to study Screenwriting, and eventually, during his second year, wrote and co-directed a short movie called "Spring Rolls", which was screened at the Edgemar Film Festival in Santa Monica, California. Since then he has written four feature scripts, in which "Atlantis" is one of them.

As a matter of fact, he first came up with the idea for this comic book during the 2011 'London riots', where he quickly came to the realization that there was something wrong with society. Not directly, mind you. His moment of realization came about amidst a curfew, a three day curfew, where he was at home with a friend and they stumbled across a documentary about Atlantis. 'That's it', he said to himself in a not so deep booming voice, 'My next story will be about Atlantis'!. And the rest, as they say, is history. For more information please feel free to check out his website, facebook, twitter, or comixology pages. 


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