Amanda Waller and The Hulk In today's busy climate most people need to seek out different types of strategy so they can accomplish a goal they wish to achieve. On one occasion I can remember my good mate Tony clicking onto a website so he could find out new methods of winning at poker. On another occasion my close friend Sally consulted a business guru so she could figure out how to start-up her own business. Then there are those moments when our heroes, our wonderful, wonderful, comic book superheroes, come up with new approaches for beating-up a bad-guy. Here, check this out to see some of the methods they use.

1) The Direct Method.

One of the most often used strategy's a hero deploys can easily be defined as the good old fashioned punch-and-slap method. Essentially, a hero tracks down and stops a villain from committing a crime, preferably with a couple of slaps, before carting them off to prison, hopefully for good. In the past this method has been used by everyone from Batman, to Spider-man, to Superman, to Ironman, to Squirrel Girl, to the Power Twins, and has even become one of the most popular methods used by the superhero community. In fact, this method has become so-so popular, nowadays that's all they're known for!!!

Batman Vs Wolverine
2) An Act of Legerdemain.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, let me just say that legerdemain is an expression used by most magicians, and basically defines the process of getting the audience to look one way, while in actuality the real magic is happening somewhere else. In comic book terms you could easily say that this approach has been mainly utilized by the more intellectual hero, such as Mister MiracleBatman, Professor X, or Mister Fantastic, especially if they want to tip the tide of battle in their favor. Just pick up an issue of the Justice LeagueDetective Comics, X-Men, or The Fantastic Four, and first hand you'll see for yourself how each hero can manipulate a situation using just this method.

3) Karma.

Unlike many of the other methods mentioned on this list, the karmic approach isn't often used by the superhero elite, simply because it's a tactic which involves the instigator to do nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing, except wait patiently until divine forces decide to intervene. Having said that, though, most Vertigo titles, including the now classic Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon Preacher comic book, have categorically featured this approach more than usual! As a matter of fact, without giving too much away, during the series finale 'doing nothing' was at the very heart of Jesse Custer's final confrontation with God.

Suicide Squad
4) The Structured Approach.

Fan's of the Suicide Squad comic book have definitely seen this approach in action. Normally at the start of each new story-arc, Amanda Waller gathers her team together and tells them what they have to do: Killer Crock go to a hairdressers and do this, Deadshot go to an arabic casino and do that, Harley Quinn go to a brothel and do whatever, and so forth, and so on. This, my friends, is a good example of the structured approach, a preemptive approach used by many mothers whenever they go out with their children. Of course, when it comes down to certain types of hazardous situation, this method isn't always the most robust method to use. Yet that said, at least it puts a plan in place, and a guideline most people can work off of.

5) Going Berserk.

Back in the day, a 'Berserker' was the name given to a Nordic Warrior whose primary role was to fight in a trance-like state, implying, that this method is a method without any methodology. Years later this characteristic was translated into the English language to mean 'berserk', and for you Logan fans out there, this is a term used to define what he does best. Yep. You guessed it. If you've picked up a comic book starring everyone's mightiest mutant, then I'm sure you've seen Wolverine chopping things up with the best of them. The same can also be said for other such heroes, like the Demon Etrigan, Lobo, the Hulk, and of course, any hero who has a chip on their shoulder the size of Alaska.

So what do you think comic book fans? Are there any other methods I've missed out on? If so, please feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you think. 

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