Happy and Sad Face To some, 2016 was a really crap year, as it smelt bad, it peed the bed, plus this gigantic pain in the ass was a date best left forgotten. That said, however, I find that occasionally you can have a better perspective of a year when a modicum of time has elapsed, which it now has. So with one month almost under our belt, I think that now would be a pretty good time to take stock of the previous year.

Thankfully, my mates over at Bargain Fox thought exactly the same thing, and that is why they've created the following infographic, stating, 'Why 2016 Was Not The Worst Year Ever'. But before you go off and check that out, please allow me to tell you a story.

When 2016 began, I had a pretty bad feeling that this was going to be a fairly emotional year. Now this had nothing to do with the impending political climate, such as the American election or England's need to leave the European Union. My feelings of dread weren't associated with what was going on with Hollywood either, or the current state of the entertainment industry in general. To me, 2016 was going to be a bad year, simply because, in this particular year, I was going to have a birthday which resulted in my age ending with a zero... know what I mean? Wink-wink-wink! Another year older, another year wiser, and yet another decade closer to death, Ouch!

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But as I come to think of it, now, as I'm writing this piece, my decade upgrade wasn't the worst thing that happened in 2016. In fact, I'm nigh on positive it was the least eventful, considering what else transpired.

Near the end of the year, around about the same time we were all bombarded with news items recounting what happened in the previous months, a close friend of the family suddenly died of a heart-attack, and there was nothing in the works that implied this might happen. She literally sat down, had a cup of tea, watched a bit of TV, and then, well, slumped down in her chair and quickly passed away. Fortunately her daughter was by her side and tried her best to save her. But alas, no, this wasn't meant to be. She died, died sitting in her favorite chair in front of the TV, feeling somewhat content that she lived a full life and did the best that she could.

I know this because, interestingly enough, that's what she told me a mere two weeks before she passed away. Although, I must admit, this was very strange coming from her mouth, especially since she wasn't what I would call the most positive-person in the world. Still, that is what happened, and that is what she said, all of which was complemented with all of that other stuff that happened throughout the year, indirectly making 2016 a year to remember, even if some of us don't want to.

The thing is, should we not want to? Should we just cast aside a whole year because of the bad things that happened in it? What about all of those good things? Like babies being born, people getting married, artists inspired to create, ill people getting better, and so on, and so forth. So I suppose what I'm trying to say here is that we each have to keep in mind that the best things about life can also be the worst things about life. Now life can be surprising, strange, happy yet sad. But at the end of the day its how we cope with each given situation that makes the experience even more eventful!

Why 2016 Was Not The Worst Year Ever
Made by: BargainFox

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