If you had any sort of control over the way you died, in what manner would you like to see yourself go out? Would you like it if Charles Soule tickled you to oblivion? Or would you prefer it if Goran Sudžuka board you rigid? Better yet, how about going out the Marvel way? It's February, 2017, and it's time for Daredevil in review.

TO QUOTE Saint Augustine: 'He who created us without our help will not save us without our consent'.

Nowadays comic books tend to set-up a story-line without giving away the whole premise. Take this issue of Daredevil for instance, issue 15. Essentially the plot involves Matt Murdock trying to raise enough funds so he can pay for Sam Chung's hospital treatment. As you may recall, last month Sam got his eyes ripped out by Vincent Van Gore, so this month, Matt secretly sets-up a contract with the intent of taking down his alter ego, Daredevil, presumably so he can flush out a villain who can help him with his quest (please note: I did say presumably).

While this is going on, at the same time there are three other story strands which are directly connected with the initial plot. The first of these strands showcases Daredevil taking on and then defeating a number of z-grade villains who've taken up Matt's offer. Another strand centers on Matt going to church and attempting to speak to a Catholic priest about his woes. While in the third strand, we're presented with a down on there luck father and son duo, Carlos and Steven, highlighting why Carlos also decides to take Matt up on his contract, largely due to his recently acquired superpowers.

On the whole, I thought that this was a pretty decent story considering it had a fairly elusive premise.  Goran Sudžuka's artwork is very cleanly illustrated and I just adored how he paced each scene, especially during the fighting sequences as well as those scenes where Carlos and Steven interacted with one another. I also liked the way in which he depicted emotion on the characters faces, as he left nothing up to reinterpretation with his bold lines, vivid strokes, plus paneling that I cannot fault at all.

Story-wise, and I must applaud Charles Soule for being fairly emotionally connected with his characters. On one level you can completely understand why Matt feels obligated to pay for Sam's treatment. Whereas on another level you can't completely understand the way he's going about it. I mean, if Matt needs to raise money, how come he had some to pay for the hit on his own life? Now I know that he stated he raised this cash by selling off some of his weapons! Yet that said, why set up a contract? Who is he trying to lure out into the open? And if it is that person we see on the very last page, hint-hint, again, why, why, why?

Another part of the story I enjoyed were those scenes associated with Carlos and Steven. Just like Matt's clear motives for wanting to help out Sam, it's pretty easy for most people to sympathize with Carlos's motives for helping out his son while avenging his wife.  

So overall, I'd say this was a very nice start for this brand new story-arc. The art was excellent, the story was intriguing, and as for everything else, well, let's wait and see, eh?

Essentially this issue of Daredevil is about Matt trying to come to terms with what has happened to him and Sam over the last couple of months. So with that said, how could I not musically match it up with the Carolina Liar song, 'Simple Life'?

In very simple terms this adventure depicts Daredevil willingly putting himself in danger so he can help someone else. And to me, this all screams out Fireman, or alternately, anyone else who works in the emergency services' that has to wear a head to toe costume.

At the very end of this issue a top-grade villain turns up, presumably the same villain Matt has been waiting for since the issue began. So, without any further ado, can you guess who this person is out of the following eight options? Could it be...

  1. Kingpin: Not to be mistaken for King Kong.
  2. Lady Gaga: Not to be mistaken for a sound-effect.
  3. Elektra:  Not to be mistaken for the popular power-source.
  4. Justin Bieber: Not to be mistaken for the well-known taxi app.
  5. The Joker: Not to be mistaken for Donald Trump.
  6. Mariah Carey: Not to be mistaken for her younger brother, Jim.
  7. Bullseye: Not to be mistaken for the center-spot of a dartboard.
  8. Donald Trump: Not to be mistaken for The Joker.
Nuff said.

DAREDEVIL #15 DAREDEVIL #15 Reviewed by David Andrews on February 07, 2017 Rating: 5

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