Justice League America If every end prompts a new beginning, then what do you think will happen when every beginning prompts a new end? Can end's be new, and if so, how can something that's already run it's course be labeled 'new'? Especially when you take into consideration that these two universal placards aren't new, they're old. Although, that said, anything old is only old if you've seen it before, and if you haven't, then that would imply that old things are new things and new is a relative term in regards to... to... to... uhhh? I best shut up and just present you with the following clips from DC All Access. Amen.

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Trailer Breakdown for Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

One of the most beloved story-lines in Teen Titans history gets an animated adaptation in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, the newest DC Universe Original Movie. In this clip, Tiffany break's down the trailer and discovers the comic book connections to be found within.

Jim Lee Reveals Wild Storm Master Plan

In this episode of DC All Access, Jay and Tiff talk to Jim Lee about DC's newest pop-up imprint, which will reinterpret classic WildStorm characters under the creative oversight of Warren Ellis. Plus, they also preview more new comic books, including the new Batwoman series.

Will Arnett Counts Down the Top 10 Silliest Batman Moments

Will Arnett takes a look at the top 10 silliest moments in the history of a very serious superhero. So come on, let’s see if Will can make you laugh almost as much as the LEGO Batman movie!

Batman Handpicks the New Justice League

Via tele-cast, Tiffany talks to the writer Steve Orlando and gets the inside scoop on the brand new Justice League America, a bold new group of heroes that comprise of Batman, Killer Frost, Vixen, The Ray, The Atom, Black Canary, and Lobo.

The LEGO Batman Movie featuring Will Arnett

The star of the LEGO Batman movie, Will Arnett, joins Jason for a special interview where we'll find out the lowdown on all things fun-tastic.

Batman & Bane’s Cage Match: Only One Will Survive

Both men were forced to grow up as orphans and fight through devastating loss and hardship. One of them eventually became Batman, where as the other one became Bane, and today, writer Tom King joins DC All Access to discuss what we can expect when these two meet.

Top 10 DC Books Every True Fan Needs

If you want to start a collection of graphic novel's, then you're going to want to watch our list of the top ten books that every true DC fan needs. From DC: The New Frontier to Batman: The Killing Joke, these are all undisputed classics that you're going to want to read again and again.

Kamandi Challenge Revives Jack Kirby’s Genius

Jack Kirby's Kamandi is returning in a big way with The Kamandi Challenge, a new 12-issue series set in Kamandi's post apocalyptic world of sentient, warring animals. In this clip, Dan DiDio opens up about this exciting new project, which finds writers and artists picking up the story where the previous creative team left off.


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