Batman at the Odean Hello viewers. Do you remember me? Yes. That's correct. I'm a parody of a popular character who will distract you just enough while DC try to sort out their cinematic universe. Well, as some of you may know, quite recently my movie has been released in cinemas far and wide, and because of this, I've had to jet set all around the world to try to promote it. So here, check out some of the snaps I took during my visit to London.

Batman at the London Eye

The people of Great Britain call this monstrosity the 'London Eye'. But no. It's not. As in actual fact,
this circular contraption is none other than Brother Eye's second cousin on his mothers side.

Batman hailing a Cab 

When I get back to Gotham I think I'll redesign the Batmobile to look like one of these London Cabs.
That way I'll be able to drive on the left hand side of the road without getting into trouble.

Batman at Trafalgar Sqaure 

Luckily I never lived in London after my parents died. If I did, I may have been called 'Pigeon Man'!

Batman at Canary Wharf

Either London is a beautiful city, my vision is getting blurry and I need an eye test
or I've just taken a heap load of drugs? Hmmm?

Batman at Buckingham Palace

After visiting the Queen I've realized I need to use more moisturizer. 

Batman at Tower Bridge

Quickly, Robin, RUN! I hear that London Bridge is falling down, falling down,
and it's all to do with My Fair Lady.

Batman visits a Telephone Booth

Hmmm? I wonder if Clark still uses one of these things to get changed in?

Robin Takes Batman's picture

Lois Lane has taken my picture. Peter Parker has taken my picture. And now you, Robin, are
doing exactly the same thing. The only difference is that this time I'm wearing all of my clothes.

Batman Climbing Down A Curb

Is that scary old lady still looking at
me? If so, then she must be the Joker.

Lego Batman and Robin

Stand back, Robin, for I have been known to
 break-wind after eating steak and kidney pie.

Batman at Big Ben

Alfred once told me he made love inside
Big Ben. Or then again, did he say, to?

Lego Batman Vs Will Arnett

Now who's this cretin taking a picture of me?
 He looks a bit like Tony Blair.

I'd like to thank ‘Legography’ photographer, Andrew Whyte, for taking these photos and allowing me to share them on my site. Andrew, 41, and hailing from Portsmouth, was made famous for his series of LEGO tourist shots, and has recently partnered-up with The LEGO Batman Movie to capture a Bat’s Eye View of London.

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